Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jaded in infirmity

Yesterday perhaps was a long day… thus the weary has worsen my condition (I am sick remember?)

Started at 530am; walked all the way to the gym which is located quite far actually… (I wouldn't have walked if I have a car – duh!). The aerobic session was good, the studio is acceptable but I think the constructor was rather 'syok sendiri'. I miss the free aerobic session at the Rector's field every Tuesday and Friday morning *sigh*. By the way, the one and a half hour session was not as exhausted as what described by Jaya (as she had to quit a half an hour before it ended), thus it wasn't all so-worn-out, it was just fine and fun.

Right after the gym, I hit the market. Yes, I mean the wet stinking market (notice it without the word 'super').

That would be my fourth visit of the year, since four years back. This is the year with the most visits to the market. I remember the last time I went to the market years back, four years back to be exact (back in my hometown), where there was this Indian prawn monger teased me because I held the plastic bag on the tip of my fingers (sbb geli okayyy?) and he annoyingly told me something like

"pegang betol2 la, ini macam!" while handling me the loop of the plastic handle

I stunned for a moment while my shaky hand reluctantly took the plastic bag and actually grabbed it full-forcedly.

"oh okay, relax la. Jangan marah…"

I thought to myself while making my way out of the market with extra careful on my steps (lantai pasar licin tau) while flight of indefinit thoughts snap about my furious mind, it was a nut case! Suke hati la nak pegang plastic tu mcm mane pon!

I went into the car and told papa about the incident. He laughed so hard and made it a joke! *eye rolling* Aware of my contaminated and stinky hands, I hold it back til we reached home and I washed them thoroughly til the so-called smell got off. As time flew by, I found that after all pasar isn't as bad as it sounds despite of the very disgusting condition (of the pasar in this so-called land) compared to pasar besar SJ back home. I will be a frequent visitor to the pasar and I will know how to cook very well by the time I graduated. I'll get double-degree (MD and cooking). And so I grow up… *wink wink*

Nuff of the pasar thingy. Once back from pasar, I found the kitchen somehow very disturbing, the refrigerator, the food compartments, the floor, the dish holder, the stove and everything. Without a second thought, I took out everything from the fridge and started to clean up the kitchen on every corner of it! Til it gets shiny clean on each and every angle *grin*. I wonder if the others see the kitchen as 'disturbing' as it was to my eyes…

Oh yea, and maybe that exhaustion even worsen my condition (I am sick remember?), however it didn't matter that much as long as I live in a clean condition. Actually I've planned to do some gardening and clean up the cat's poo on our corridor, and also I've planned to clean up the bathroom, but too bad, I take risk no more and not jeopardizing my health. Maybe if anyone else sees the 'disturbing' matter as how my eyes see it, they'll do the same thing too, to scrub and make the house spotless, yea… IF.

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