Saturday, December 20, 2008

On my wobbly knees

Phew~ that was one drop-almost-dead movement towards the end of my aerobic session. I've gotta practice that so-called calming in serenity 5 minutes of knee bending and hands 90 degree straight to the front. Thanks to today's instructor for turning on the sound of tranquility but I was jolted when she said that we have to stay in that position for 5 minutes! It was sort of yoga thing, and need a lot of positivity

"Damn, nak tercabut lutut!!!"

I couldn't do it continuously though most of the people there managed to. Despite of their flabbiness (half of the class are women at their late 40s), they did stay for the knee-loosing-tights-cramping perfectly for 5 minutes, amazingly! So so so… by the next session, I will have to make sure that I can stay at least for 2 minutes. Oh my, I'm only 22, with all these firm and fit body, I HAVE TO GOTTA DO IT! It's all fix in my head! Positivity!!!

Overall, I prefer today's instructor. She's amazing (though I certainly have better body than her), her steps were sharper, more vigorous, more sweaty and most importantly she is not the 'syok sendiri' kinda woman. She even came to me personally when I got a little bit off-beat with my legs!

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