Saturday, December 27, 2008

Something is just around the corner…

The warmth of examination has started slithering its grasp through my nerves. I don't usually do this (I mean, the countdown to exam), but its 9 days to finals!

Is that all I can say?

Blending about the busyness of SPR and AGM, the warmth heats up a little more quickly than its normal speed. Time which was snail-ing down now seems to fly by promptly too that the clock seems to make a crazy turn over and over, and this is just so weird. I mean, this is the moment when I 'actually' wished that I have more hours in a day in Malang, I don't mean that I love spending times here, but… well this is just the typical pre-exam predicament I reckon.

The amendment of my perception of the internet being the 'most-lovable item' to the 'most-hatred' happened when I came to a realization that it's the culprit whose speeding up my clock. I am so much welcoming tips on turning study into something 'so-lovable', anyone?

I was facing quite big fuss this evening even before I started. I took out the whole 15cm pile of not-yet-read lecture handouts, and trying to decide where to start. Then I remember, my calculus lecturer in college once said that it's better to start studying for subject with the latest date of exam, and she told the reason why from this one theory-of-unknown that I still haven't found its evidence though it does work for me. However I didn't feel like reading for pediatric, so I made a random choice and I came to Surgery on the topic Spinal Cord and Root Compression. Since there is not much words to read, mostly pictures, I finished that in less than an hour. Then again I came to the 'confusion of choosing what to read', and finally I found myself Facebooking instead of facing the books. Oh Bil…~

Tomorrow is suppose to be the Saturday Saloon Day, but with all the hassles of UMNO thingy, I'd have to consider about bringing it to the next day, but I badly need a hairspa and head & shoulder massage! Oh yea, almost forgot that I've to go to gym at 5.30am!!!

Shuz came down to Malang all the way from Medan, she's still here. We went for an ice cream and ended up at my place before she went back to the hotel. Of all the places in Malang, she chose to stay in the hotel instead of my place?! Actually the hotel was reserved by her boyfriend even before she reached here, however though, I insist her to stay over and she is coming over in few days. Yayyy!!! Nak buat Eman jealous~

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Piter said...

O M G.. 9 days? i dont realize that much until i read this bil T T.. and i havent even touch a single handouts..

Bil said...

yea pit... in a week a.k.a SEVEN days from now. O M G!!!
go go & read some notes!!

Anonymous said...

i wonder how i'm going to survive with 11 subjects!

How did u guys breeze through SEM5?

All the best in exams BIL!

Bil said...

sem 5 was the most bizarre! i remember getting so exhausted every single day from monday to friday. I HATE 5th SEM! with all the lab works and all.. arrgh~

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