Tuesday, December 23, 2008

That thing you sip

Jelly drinksWhat the heck are they thinking making such noxious drinks and claim that the drinks are healthy (hell boo-shit!), refreshing (it makes dehydration even worse!) and fulfilling (haaa ya rite!)

I neither gonna state the name of the drinks nor the brands. There are actually whole heaps of this kinda drinks that come with variety of flavors from different manufacturers. Not forgotten, the whole lot promising advertisements too! This is so pathetic!!! I think the government has to do something, ban this drinks from the markets. I swear, on my first sip, I taste of TOXIC and its contaminating my blood circulation with all the deadly ingredients.

I may sound exaggerating here, but come on, I don't even think that 'thing' is suitable to be consumed, it rather be some kinda bomb or paint or a plaything that comes with the hazardous sign. And it doesn't even taste nice!!! Astaghfirullahalazim~


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Wani Ardy said...

i don't write in fb anymore. just in my blog. :)

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