Thursday, December 18, 2008

What’s this smell?

My handphone got petis-ed!!!

'Petis' is an edible brown oowy goowy thingy which is some kind of dip for fry foods. I'm not sure what it's made of, but it certainly tastes good when you dip your fry food into it. It doesn't usually smell that bad when it's already in the mouth, but when it stays on its own… the smell is malodorous!

Since the smell stuck on my handphone and is irritating my olfactory, I had to spray some perfume on. Here goes my handphone with the smell of Sean John, Unforgivable Woman. *sniff* this phone smells so elegance and it reminds me much of Zuffy (who got me this perfume and we have pair of it). My handphone was once accidentaly drenched in Dior, J'adore. So practically this is one such handphone which needs to be perfumed!

Talking about smelly foods (I mean, food that has particular awkwardness smell to certain people), I must add into my blessings that I am able to deal with these kinda foul food and thus indulge into the exclusive taste of these heavenly cuisines.

Who says cheese has foul smell?
I think the aroma stirs my salivary gland!

Who says mutton stench?
Perhaps that fortifying smell revives hunger men.

Awww so yummy!!! And when you got your whole guts full of durians and that some air need to be squirted out, the burp emerges with extra reeking scent of genial pleasure.

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