Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eid Adha Eve

I am currently on a chase over my nose which is running quite fast on a drooling track of mucous and slime.

I think I'm overusing metaphors or in this case above is what you called 'personification', remember your highschool literature? So let me put this straight forward and untie the complex knot (oh there I go again with another metaphor) – I am having flu, cold, almost-fever, sore throat, respiratory tract infection and so. This has been bugging me for three days now and not getting any better. The flu is improving with Triprolidine Hcl and Psudoephedrine (given by Dr. Nuzul), Loratadine (given by Dr. Sit), and paracetamol (bought from home from Dr. Papa), nevertheless the fatigue and weakness are still there, right here. Maybe it's the perception of illness by my brain that keeps me weak… maybe! And so I know, I have to be strong to go through all these ailing and healing process, otherwise I'll be celebrating Raya Haji a.k.a Eid Adha on bed. No no, I've to go and see my goat got slaughtered and eat all the muttons, beef and nasi briyani at the UMNO open house tomorrow.

I had scrumptious beef curry and cabbage for lunch today (Kim's curry is the best!!). Kim is cooking the curry for tomorrow's openhouse, so practically we have to go and help her preparing the ingredients. All I did was, peeling off the bunch of potatoes til fingers got shrink. So, if anyone see any potatoes and tomatoes in the curry tomorrow, do thank me!
To everybody,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!
It is my forth time celebration Raya Haji in this so-called land. This is what you call Hari Raya KORBAN. And all I can feel is… numb.



kite time mude2 dlu~ hehe

Bil said...

but i smp skrg pun maintain... *eheM*

Bil said...

omg! i baru perasan, all ur faces are just sooo kanak2!! look at syafiq, mcm blurr je. tp muke firdaus je more matured dari SKRG!

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