Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Punctuation mark (!)

It was a long winded day though it had been ongoing since quite early in the morning. The highest council board meeting of KUMNOMA was held at my house from 9am to about 2pm. Apparently, we were discussing on reconstructing the whole committee and naming out candidates to be appointed into the new board. Since the previous Kelab UMNO committee was a total bizarre and an absolute pain in the ass to the whole of Malaysian in Malang, therefore we, as the new high council had to consider about introducing new faces (and some of the most helpful and useful old committees) into the board as well. It was all about revitalized the name of KUMNOMA which had been tainted by some of the big-headed-red-assed culprits (forgive me if I sound rude to whoever in concern, but I just gotta show you the mirror to yourselves).

As we are very pleased with the honor of being voted to lever the club (thank you for those who voted us), nonetheless are VERY (in bold and capital letters) disappointed with the brutality of a very unkindness of the previous committee who left us not only with the stenches name of the club (acknowledge as the most appalling branch throughout the whole Kelab UMNO in Indonesia), but also with an account which is in debt! I mean, DEBT (in bold, capital letters and red, coz red is anger!). Practically, we are here not starting on the ground zero, but we are tossed down in the hole they've dug us. Not only that we have to scrub and clean off the name, but we also have to struggle our asses off to pay their debts!!! Who on Earth would easily forgive that? It affects 111 members!

All I can do now is to pray hard for Allah to grant us the bravest of heart to go through this torment and anguish heart of agony, and hoping that whoever the big-headed-red-assed men would be forgiven for their heartlessness, and being showed the right direction through their lives ahead. Amin!~

My question mark now has changed into an exclamation mark! (!) a lot of em (!!....!!!!)



ye ke debt??
huhu~ anyway ol d best..

Bil said...

YES debt! tak ke kurang ajar namanya tu? tp takper... org2 tu mmg cenggitu.

Anonymous said...

seriously.... i feel you woman!!
God, What ASSES to leave DEBTSSSS!!! LEaving the account empty is ok but debts?!! How the hell they got themselves into DEBTS???

Bil said...

how the hell they got into debts? it's not surprising i guess..
even naked eyes can x-ray they heads - empty, brainless, rotten!

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