Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year's Eve

Management of hypertension, by Dr Djanggan Sargowo – I don't know if I'm choosing the right topic to study tonight. I don't know it'd help…

It's new year's eve, typical evening that comes once in a year. The sky is still dark, the moon still shines and allow me to say that it's nothing different from any other evening. At least I can say that because all these while my evening is spent under this roof, within these walls. Unless if I'm back (to where I belong) then I'll be surrounded by friends and we're sure on moving machines. There'll be variety kind of evening I could choose from, all packages include fun. To my dearest sister, Angah, lets party once we both get back home!!! And to Along, please throw us some party…

I was quite looking forward to spent the evening with Nadine and celebrate new year together, as we both are now 'abandoned girlfriends on a far away land'. Nevertheless, I did not get a word from her until late this evening after I've made up my mind to just have my ordinary evening at home (plus a bit of stressing with books). Alia wanted to wind up and I wish I could enjoy the night with her too. But too bad my mood of new year had been flushed off when the stack of notes came before my eyes. To dearest Kasthuri, there'll always be next time. Xoxo! Furthermore, I knew tonight would be just fine just staying with the girls and have a quiet evening at home. Kak Dayah is here and the house is always cheerful when she comes, and not forgotten our tummy will be fulfilled too with scrumptious food she cooks!

Hmm… guess I better back to the notes. Management of hypertension – well~

Oh btw, Happy New Year!

2009, you better be good to me!

p.s : starting this entry, I'll change the font of my post cause normal size font is pretty big and looks like the writing on school books.

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Nadine Mazbar said...

Sayang,thank you for the comment, hey we'll definitely party after exam or maybe who knows in Msia?? hehehe and I'm coming to ur cribs tomorrow yea , okay x?? Happy New Year to you

'abandoned girlfriend in a far away land' i like it and i agree !!!! =D

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