Monday, December 1, 2008

Not much of a November

The halt of November is hardly felt before the December abruptly slips in.

It has been the most enjoyable month in Indonesia since I-don't-know-when. In spite of sparing the first 5 days with much load of brainpower assessment a.k.a the examination, the next 35 days were hardly felt, it flew by just like say 35 minutes?

Classes had been on and off schedule like usual and little concern of replacing em. None of us care that really-much I reckon… therefore, the accumulation of much-tensed extra classes definitely will be replaced by this month before the final exams. I can smell the nasty sweaty December now~

So yesterday was the final day of this Sweet November. I woke up nearly 9am (which is early to call it Sunday Morning), and had this tummy filled with loads of leftovers from the PKPMI Annual Dinner. Thank God for such astute idea of bringing tupperwares to the dinner! Basically we took home lotsa murtabak, satay and nasi briyani after the dinner, as well as bundle of serviette, pens and notepads from the Annual General Meeting the morning before. After Zohor, I went to Alun-alun with Kak Nuzul with not much anticipation of anything but just for the sake of filling in the time and purged off her sudden attack of homesickness. We got the so-long-for ironing board and dragging it over everywhere we go. Not all of my housemates found that the ironing board is necessary as they're expert in squawking down the floor while handling the hot plate. As for me, I can't do that (unless it's really an emergency) simply because the hot iron seems potentially traumatic and the un-ergonomist position is back stinging. Since I moved here, I wore clothes with folding lines to class and it makes me miss mbah so much. Kak Nuzul and I, therefore dedicate this ironing board to all our housemates, for the love of our vertebras and we definitely have to look curvy hot til we grow old, okay? Don't hesitate, not only that our clothes need to be upright smoothly straight, our body deserved it too! Girls, check this out – Body Beautiful. I've watched HSM 3 last night. No elaboration on that since the DVD is such a good pain in the S.

This year's PKPMI Annual Grand Dinner is so far the most fun, successful and extravagance I've ever been to my entire years of being here. As one of the members of the board of directors, critics and controversies came wavering us like mini tsunami (I repeat, mini tsunami) during the Annual General Meeting held the afternoon before the dinner. However, as firm as our determination in making Malang much more a fun place than ever to all the Malaysian students, we much welcome those slaps and strikes from other members who might have the opposite ideas, as we consider that those people secretly believe that they're angry that they themselves didn't have the courage to do what we did. Or better off, they don't gain trust from the other members to handle their lives in this so-called land. Or even if they did, maybe it wasn't as effective and enjoyable. Too bad that they have to hate us for the merriment they 'refused' they had. Too bad… *shed tears*

To all AJK PKPMI 2007-2008, well done! So far this has been the best team I've ever worked with. Trust me, I have been on the board since my first year here. Being voted as the vice chairperson for 2008-2009 session is my honor, thank you.

I bet most of the Novembers had been put down into words except for the Jogja trip. Hahaha! That 3rd Jogja trip was fun, but never can beat the fun of Bale Kambang camping.

p/s : This is my blog and I'm free to write. I definitely have no concern on whoevers' feelings here. On the contrary, I have small column for whoever feels like commenting. But if you have your own things to write, I must recommend you to get your own blog! Deal?


name cannot be display said...
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name cannot be display said...

alamak.. im d one who post the comment but i delete it.hehhe
just wanna say
have a fun december!
btw, u look hot in ur ceongsam ;p

Bil said...

thank u!!
december? hmm.. insyaAllah

Wani Ardy said...

oh cantiknya bil dalam blue cheongsam and pink pump and clutch~

Bil said...

thanks wanie!! they are RED actually..

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