Saturday, November 29, 2008


Happy birthday mama!!!
Hugs and kisses XOXO

Once I published my first ever bahasa melayu entry, I got few feedbacks on my YM the day after. Some are encouraging and rally round on my vocabs (as some words are off-translations) and not to mention, few of them even found that one particular entry rather as a joke.

Well folks,
I don't do jokes. Maybe I am just born-hilarious *giggles*.

Honestly, I have next-to-great Bahasa Melayu, I converse in BM in my everyday life and certainly know the right grammar though sometimes I might get loss in translation with the vocabs (and though sometimes some people might hear it a bit funny but don't know where to pin-out the mistakes).

As for me, I found it less sentiment writing in BM as the mode of reactions is not fully expressed in a single vocab. For instance 'restless' in BM would be 'tak senang duduk' and it doesn't sound so literature-ly professional. No wonder Dewan Bahasa is now adapting few of wide-ranging rational English words into their Bahasa Melayunisasi program. As for example 'budget' for BM is 'bajet', 'calendar' is 'kalendar' (where we can actually use 'takwim'), 'communication' is 'komunikasi' (where the word comes from various meaning depending on situations such as percakapan seharian, isyarat, perbualan, but these subtexts are just not as comprehensive as what komunikasi has in connotation and thus give no much gist to the listeners).

Honestly, if I were asked to translate this whole article into Bahasa Melayu, I wouldn't have much idea on what BM words would be appropriate to replace the all-inclusive single words of English in this piece. Siapa kata BM senang??! Cakap memang la senang… cuba tulis!

Enough for now, it's my Saturday-saloon-day today. And before I go enduring the hairspa, I need to clean my room of much mess.

P.s : it's PKPMI Annual General Meeting today. I won't be around the whole day til night. Anything, just call/sms

Besides Hanson and Paris Hilton, this is my all time idol - Tun
Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

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