Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Forensic class is not that bad actually. The first few chapters must have been jaded which include the laws, the law sections, the judges, police officers and bla bla. I never love the laws (always go against em`). Conversely, the topic discussed for today is much more sensible and rational for a medical-student-who-don’t-wish-to-work-at-the-forensic-department to learn. I like what have been thought by Dr. Tasmono today, he spoke of a shrewd and made me noted down on 2 and a half pages of extra infos.

Despite of the tautness stress of exams I had which last a fortnight, I am now on a ‘vacation’ in embracing this post-exam week. Also thanks to the lecturers who are too busy to enter for lecture since Monday morning. So far, we’ve been missing lecturers on Surgery, anesth, IPD and dermatology. Nevertheless, the classes have to be replaced sooner or later… Oh yea, and I had 10 hours of safe and sound slumbers since the night after exams over, until Zana somehow could notice these panda bear rings around my eyes.

Yesterday futsal friendly match was good. Though Ball & Blusher got beaten by 2–null, we were still enjoying the whole game since it was all under the opponent’s team expenses. As told by Clara, they paid the court for us as compliment since we agreed and willing to have a match with her team. In other word, they are practicing their skills with the so-called professionals. Their team had been practicing for the match in Jogja this weekend, and they have all the skillful men to trained them, while my team, we played to release our exam stress, without any practice and resigned coach (Hadi resign ke? Or dia merajuk? Lol, wte~!). Wishing you girls all the best for the game in Jogja, I’ll be there to support!

Talking about Jogja, it’ll be my second trip with the PKPMI after Bale Kambang camp. This isn’t really a trip, more to like an invitation for the whole of Malaysian students in Indonesia get together. I hope to get to see the people I know around there… Jogjakarta, depart on Thursday night and will be back by Sunday, InsyaAllah. See you there!

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