Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nana Tanjung

That was the sleepiest class so far this week!

When Dr. W walked into the class for Anesth this afternoon, the reflection of him on my first glance "Wow, retro!", he is a reminiscent of the good old 70s where pointy glasses, leather jacket and bell bottoms were zealously the-in-thang. Despite of his exotic look, he also has those pointy spectacles and quite a 'trendy' jacket on (where lecturers usually come in their so-doctorish white blazers). With a quite familiar look, I added "dia ni mcm… penyanyi2 zaman dulu, boria ke kugiran like that kan?", then Ima and Kim came with a more precise picture of him "dia ni macam pelakon Nana Tanjung tulaaa!". Oh great, there goes the description of my so called lecturer to whom I failed to give 100% attention.

Perhaps it was the seat where I sat in class today. Be seated on the very last row (very top) at the center of the class was not quite suitable for me. Nevertheless, the seat psychogenic-ally injected sedative anesthesia and thus inactivated my Reticular Activating System (a.k.a the RAS) or I'm not sure how exactly the pharmaco-dynamic of anesthetic sedative drugs work (damn!). The front seats have always had my name visibly written on them as I am always one of the members of 'Front Seat-ers Community' ever since I started studying in lecture halls (college I mean... sbb dekat sekolah duluasyik kena duduk belakang jerrr!).

It was quite a struggled to keep these superior and inferior palpebras (a.k.a eyelids) widely gaping from each other. I was figuring out ways to keep me awake, and found little piece of butter bun in my bag. Eating seemed to help, temporarily. Then I took out my phone to see if there's something I can do and started to sms with Kak Nuzul. She grumbled about her first day of ko-as at the pediatric department. She was on call since yesterday and only came back home for few minutes for shower. Awww… kesian.

Oh well, check out this picture captured in class, sorry I couldn't get his photo from the front side, maybe posterior helps my description - Posterior view of Nana Tanjung.

Talking about phone, the GSM provider of the company which I'm using now is making such big mess with me. I keep getting promotion on countless smsses since this morning! The message tone kept beeping and I kept on be cheated as I am always thrilled of the sound hoping to receive sms from Zhaf ke… so far I've been receiving about 50 of the same freaking sms! Irritating gile nak mati nak kena penyepak dgn *tOot* Sabar… sabar…

Okay I think I better get my evening nap now before this blood pressure elevates again.

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