Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There'll be a piano at our Annual Grand Dinner. Awww… wish I have my piano books now.

Piano – one of my favourite functional furniture at home. I remember going on piano hunting with papa and my sisters years back and found wide choices of piano, but nothing is better compared to our shiny black mahagony upright piano. Papa always get the best for us despite of the price. Since I'm far away from home, I wonder if my piano ever get tender thumps from anyone. Therefore whenever I'm back, if I don't go whacking on my laptop, I would have spent a lot of time on the piano.

Reminiscing of Miss Lee Si Si, the fiercest piano teacher I've ever had. I had been locked for hours in a room all alone to practice on one particular piece til I got it perfectly, she had always chosen me the most difficult piece to play for our annual concert, and I once made her proud of me when I got the highest mark for one particular theory exam amongst the students of our Maestro Yamaha SS19.

If only I got a better piano teacher, I would have had continue my piano lesson I reckon, and I would join in Hanson in their band and go tour around the world. Miss Lee had taught five members in my family on piano but none of us successfully completed the course. Oh wait, was she the one teaching Nawal & Naufal piano as well? Maybe I was too daft to tell her to teach me on more pleasurable pieces to play since the first few piano books were totally tedious. I knew I had in mind to play the Hitz Parade or something like that (just like my other friends did that time), but the idea just didn't get to her concern. And perhaps, I should have had told my mom to tell the school that I wasn't all comfortable with that Miss Lee who always sneeze. If it's not because of Miss Lee Si Si, I wouldn't know even as simple chord as C major. But if only I got a better teacher, maybe I'm now next to Maxim and on my way to get insurance for my fingers.

Oh whatever… that never once had crossed my mind. I am certain to become a doctor, and better get this childhood dream of mine! So, baca la buku...!!!

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