Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nothing out of the ordinary

Class today was okay, As usual, two classes were cancelled. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery session which was suppose to be replaced with pediatric surgery was called off on the very last minute before 7am. Maybe it was announced on 6:45am, right after I stepped into the hall, while ophthalmology class was cancelled without notice beforehand. Sabar… sabar…

Dr. H from pediatric department has such, hmm… how do I put this? Soft voice that I hardly knew if he has started teaching! Zana accidentally caught some Zs in his class this morning and scribbled down her note of chicken scratch. In her very heavy palpebra (eyelids) almost stuck together that barely show her eyeballs, she claimed that the doctor’s voice was too romantic and cuddly. Lol!

Following the cancellation of 2 classes, I jumped into an angkot to get to the town or better known as Alun-alun. Get some of my to-do-list tasks checked. For some people who think that living in Indonesia is cheap and fun, you might want to consider about their postal cost, their international calling rate and imported food stuff.

I missed today PKPMI meeting due to the heavy rain. It has been raining cats and dogs nowadays here, mostly every evening and night. Thanks to Zhaf who generously bought me a bigger and better Esprit mechanical umbrella for my convenience. I knew you're always my guardian angel, protect me through the rain and UV light everywhere at anytime no matter where you are. Awww…~
Good night!

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