Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Altered lifestyle

If I were asked about what makes me feel sexy, I would say ‘drenching in sweats’. My favourite sweat is those oozing after 20 rounds of jog around the rector’s field. The dripping of sweats that trickled down from my face and soaking my whole attire, plus the soft morning breeze to evaporate it all, perfectly makes me feel like Angelina Jolie, or better Jessica Alba.

Oh my, how I can get back on such good track like that again? Nevertheless, I am still trying for a work-out regimen on my own, at my own space without having to invest on gym fees and expensive exercise equipments. Exercise ball and dumbbells are still trying to work their magic on me. I just need more time and motivations to work out I reckon… These 160 repetitions of crunches don’t squirt out enough sexy sweats. I feel like Kelly Osbourne instead.

Moving into this new place has altered my daily schedule and taken its toll on my lifestyle. No more jogging every morning, no more walking of two thousands steps to and fro the campus every day and thus, I gained extra 5kgs approximately and I have stopped blogging since then, obviously. Frustrated of the facts, but no initiative for health modifying plan yet. The kitchen by some means has adjusted my peristalsis. Seems like my gastrointestinal has been working 24/7 nowadays and not forgotten, the omentum which has fats proliferation in a drastic rate.

These are simple facts I live by now, not a list of complains. I love this new house (who don’t?). Bigger pinky room, spacious sharing space among my housemates, strategic location behind the hospital and very kind landlord, how can I thank more?

Midterm exams are just over. Some plans need to be arranged and obediently respected for the value of fullest living. I need to get back soaking in sweats and yea… study!

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