Monday, November 24, 2008

Detached cord

Ouh, magical! It worked! So now I can start working at this juncture.

*Slipping off her fluffy flip flops and twisting her gangly legs into a modified pretzel position, making herself comfortable blogging in Ms word with a slight jakun-ness*

Now I can have more colorful blog (Blogger color palette is too limited though…). First topic first, my proud-off hydrangea died. No elaboration on that, I still can't diagnose her problem yet. But Miss Pink Rose is blooming another bud.

Secondly, am listening to Flirty At Ten-thirty on Fly Fm as usual. Quite awful on tonight's flirt, but not surprised on how mean people nowadays can be. Sometimes, it may seems mean, but I'm sure there must be a strong reason on every wicked act that goes round the world. Uh, zaman sekarang, nothings so surprising and always ready to expect the unexpected. Truth hurts, live with it!

I'm trying to learn how to read novels, as not a very reading-type of me. *taking deep breath* currently reading Total Rush by Deirdre Martin and fairly getting keen on it. The last novel I remember reading was Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic Series and it happened years back, and totally in loved with em! Those were the only novels I could fit myself into and had a lot of imagination of myself as Rebecca. Oh, not forgotten, I read Konserto Terakhir and constructively finished the whole book within a day even before the new session of school started! It always comes snooping in my mind, how one can get so emotionally endured when they are reading or watching movie, hence whimpering cried to soak the whole pillow out? Some people cried watching the Titanic, One Liter of Tears, reading the Notebook, P/s I Love You, etc… Tips my friend, if you ever came across reading or watching something awful, snap out of your wild imagination on imagining yourself in the picture!! ain't that easy? Or am I just too cold? Hatiku kering mungkin?
Ya, mungkin juga.

I miss home. (Short ad)

Maybe I should get some of the Public Health work done and dozed off (best way to suppress homesickness). Oh yea, I went to the polyclinic the other day. It is one of our IKM tasks, and didn't expect it to be such an easy task. Supposedly, we met the director of the clinic and interview him/her about their management, but the doctor was too busy I reckon that he offered to take our interview questions as his homework and will get the answer typed and done. Baik kan?

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