Saturday, December 13, 2008

FAT facts

Phew~ I finally write another entry this week. It's been days since I last blogged. Nothing much happened around here, really. I mean, nothing fun to blog about. Frankly, no big gossips. Nothing is happening to be noted, except that it has been raining like nobody's business (of course it is no one's business, it's just rain! God made it!) And this kinda rainy atmosphere is thus very passive! I beg my pardon, very passive! The sedentary chillin' weather made it perfect for snuggling in bed and I dug myself for the countless of times into the deepest edge of my blanket. This room is as if air conditioned, albeit energy-less.

No heat, no burning, no sweats, no electrifying senses – and I feel so fat.

I know, I know… some of you guys must have think that I'm exaggerating about the 'Fat Phenomenon', but it's happening, really! Let me tell you about fats (and hows it feel to have a lot of it) from my point of view… (I am on chronic first stage, recovering from multiple of other stages, and hopefully to move on to second stage soon) read on – The Fat Phenomenon.

Firstly, you'll have the 'Fat Feelings'. This is when your worrisome is on an accelerating mode. It's an imaginary fat growing experience you imagine happening to your body, which is not just an imagination, but it is actually happening – but invisibly, like micro tiny particles growing that can't be seen by naked eyes. But I swear, really, it is happening right there under your skin and you just feel it!

Secondly, you'll have the 'OMG, I am So-Pig-Fat'. This is where your worrisome is at its climax. Not just an imagination anymore, but physically proven! Your favourite jeans is glued to your thighs, the zipper is getting harder to fasten, the bras and shirts all suddenly seemed to shrink and that toilet scale (or what you called weight scale) is your most fierce equipment! So practically, you'll try your very best to reverse the fats grow with massive exercising, invest on slimming program, and strict diet seems to be a fad… If this stage is proglonged with much concern on the health, it's a good sign! Jessica Alba will envy you!

Thirdly, there are two chances. You'll either be the 'Aww… I am fat (though I know that I am twiggy thin)' or you'll be 'Oh So-what'.

'Aww… I am fat (though I know that I am twiggy thin)' is just an annoying expression, psychologically disturbed and that you are seeking for attention. Waiting to hear from people around you to tell you that "Holy sh**, you're slimming!" and you'll go like "Aww… I am fat! Can't you see this flabby fats everywhere?" (when you can only see bones), this kind of people, all they need is penampar sebijik! This is however a critical stage following the pathetic success of second stage. If this stage is becoming a habitual, 'patient' may fall into a point of anorexic.

Meanwhile, 'Oh So-what' is either the result of the least successful of second stage or the absence of the first stage. You may feel like fat is your fate that no matter how hard you try to lose the weight but it's to no vain. Or otherwise, you just never go through to this whole Fat Phenomenon! You were either born with rocketing high metabolism rate, or you were born with very high self-esteem that you're happy just being you! However, for those who thinks that 'fat is my fate, and so what?', you might want to consider about some medical check-ups, just in case…

So, for those who are undergoing the Fat Phenomenon, in what stage are you in, and which stage are you heading?


2008 is coming to an end. I'm thinking weather if I should make some New Year resolutions. It never did worked before, I never worked on it before, and I wonder if I ever had New Year resolutions before… btw, I bought Gogirl magazine this evening and it comes with a free statement shirt that maybe is saying out loud my New Year resolution.

Honestly, I have some distinctive goals to be achieved by the time I graduated (which is in less than 3 years from now), and one of it is to stump down my body weight to the minimal weight as when I arrived here more than 3 years ago. I am half way through it, but this weight is like on a sickening see-saw ride. Currently I am 6 kgs above goal. So all I need to do now is… (as stated on this shirt).


Eterna said...

Hey, your latest entry ni ditujukan kat I ke? :P

Anyways, I'm not sure at which stage I am right now but one thing is for sure - I. Am. Fat.

BMI 26.2. Tapi boleh pakai ke BMI ni?

p/s: your blog look nice!

Bil said...

cehh u gemok?! hmm!! guys dont have to think about fat... just eat up!

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