Sunday, August 2, 2009

And today…

Exactly after 5 months (minus 1 day).

So many things had been going on since then. The contentment and the harass, the fortunate and the wretch, the jovial and the stress, aver blended perfectly hence neutralized the situation. More triumphs achieved, more ordeals faced, reaching a wider degree of aggravation and after all hardship pays!

Eighth semester, an interlude of clinical subjects, final year thesis, KKN and clerkship. All done! It's time for me to rest in peace while waiting for my theory graduation in September, then I'll become a what they called 'Dokter Muda'.

Thank you for all the perpetual prayers and infinite encouragement! I owe you!

Happy holiday!

MH 872 is waiting. Malaysia here I come!!!

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