Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How it works

It's funny how normal people assume on how their body works. I wonder how I'd do if I never been taught of all of these.

Case 1

Q : Bil, what's the diet for low blood pressure?

Me as layman : spinach, veggies, fruits, chicken, fish…

Q : What's the different from the normal people diet then?

Me as someone who knows a little bit better : Nothing exactly! Well, that's my point. Just eat healthily, that's it! Actually, the purpose of diet is to faithfully overcome the symptoms of low blood pressure without actually treating the 'low-blood pressure' itself.

Q : Then, how to treat the low-blood pressure?

Me as layman : by treating the cause of it. Do you know that the food a.k.a diet doesn't help increase the blood volume? Everyone has the same blood volume btw (accordingly).

Q : Oh, so…

Me : So it's not like you have to drink 2 liters of blood everyday to increase you blood pressure. Or neither do the spinaches turned into blood cells once they enter your body.

Amazingly, the same question appeared again this evening while I was having dinner with mama. Even mama thinks that those food will help in increasing the blood volume. After all, it's about the blood pressure we're talking about here, not volume.

Case 2

Me : klau tak tahan sakit, makan la painkiller

Orang tu : tanak la. This leg is meant to be painful cause it's the healing process. Kalau tak sakit, nnt tak baik pulak kaki ni.

Me : painkillers have nothing to interrupt with the healing process. They don't even work on your legs!

Well people, painkiller is a killer for any non-visceral pain. You can have toothache, headache, burn on your fingers and still can not feel the pain with adequate dosage of a painkiller. Magically because painkillers work on your brain who control your whole body by inhibiting the pain-reception center so that you can simply lost the feel of pain anywhere in your body.

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nisha jailani said...

you know what, a friend of mine ( medical student) doesnt want to take painkillers while having her period cramps because she doesnt want to be too dependent on them.

tak faham la...

Bil said...

thats right! it can cause dependency and worse desensitize!which is not good.
klau sakit sangat.. makan la, if not nnt stress and will disturb ur daily activity plak..

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