Friday, August 28, 2009

Iota #17 - Reason to blog

I simply don't get the gist for blogging these days. Too many things been happening and everything happens too fast, left me feel outmoded whenever I have to take time to keep everything in words.

It is still early in the morning. Perhaps one of the earliest day during this holiday. I usually get snug back in my blanket after sahur, but not this morning. And my attempt to blog seems to strike. So here I am, again, letting my fingers take the floor dancing their way up the tale.

First, I'd like to discern of certain reason for blogging and not-blogging. I seem to blog less at times of where I don't spend much time to myself. Like these days. I am too much engaged with people around me and get involve in as many agendas as possible that I forgot to caress of the person inside of me. Or better said, I am so well treated by my surroundings that I forgot to treat my own self as much as I love talking to myself and writing on my blog as a medium of relief.

In contradiction, I blog a lot at times of dreariness and stress. I blog to flight out of ghastly awful times of my life, especially on the dire days of exam and lectures. Writing seems to nurture my much tortured life out of every predicament the world has taken me to. Writing after all is my kind of therapy. So, readers out there, do not question my prose and please excuse my words. Welcome to my mental hospital!


I do and would so much love to scripted out my contentment and the happiest days in my life. How I wish I have as much time to write out of my delights of all the exhilaration I'm having during this holiday. It's just that… I am too busy. Busy enjoying life that I am afraid I would missed out a second of pleasure if I got my fingers too engross on the keyboard.

Hopefully, I'll have time to drop a line or two of what has been happening around now.

Happy holiday!

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