Thursday, August 13, 2009

Angah's wedding and everything in between

It's been a while since I reached home and blogged myself. It all has weighing up my deliberation to finally get this blank page before my face and these keys for my fingers to dance onto. Despite the fact that I missed about 11 days to appraised in in words, I pretty much confused of what to write and where to start with.

Well, I just got back from a sleepover at Along's house. It's like my holiday ritual. I normally 'perform' that ritual either with my other sisters or either with my cousins. Apparently, none of them were available at the time as Aya is busy preparing for her Middlesex Uni application, Min is busy keeping secret (which I don't bother to care anymore as I think she'd wish to have not-kecoh cousins), while Angah is on honeymoon! So left me mingling alone in Along's house, practically raiding her fridge (and I found 4 tubs of Baskin Robins!) and jeopardizing my diet and my lung! Damn, I'm not going to elaborate about that!

Then this evening we all (me, Along & Abang Amir) went to Midvalley where I met my prince of shining armor (whom Along thought is a metro sexual, but who cares anyway?~). Had a quick buka puasa and went for The Ghost of Girlfriends' Past at GSC Signature. I don't wonder why he always prefer Signature than the normal cinema, of course it's wayyyy nicer and not-so-way more expensive. I actually like it too, except that they don't have many shows there. Next, we had supper at Lorong Seratus Tahun @ LST. Damn, the food is good, taste so-malaysia! I remember the other day we went there the whole family and we had a lot of good laugh, I like!

Talking about Angah, yea she is now a married woman! Believe it or not?! And guess whose next?

It literally annoyed me annoyed me annoyed me annoyed me majorly when almost 99.9% of the people I met on the wedding day were being too cliché-ly questioning when my wedding is going to be? "Bil bile?", "Bil, you're next", "Bile Bil nak kawin?"

OH MY LORD! Have me some mercy. Allow me unlock this mandible to open this mouth gap as wide as possible in order to fit every head of the person who asked me that too-infuriating-irritiating-exasperating questions! Or at least, let me scream my lung out of this so stressful situation and make all these people to swallow back their chestnuts! This is so not funny alright? As if I know when my time will come?

Situation 1

Orang-orang tu : Bil, you're next

Bil (live) : yes I guess

Bil (dalam hati) : mane kau tau?! Pandai-pandai je! Klau Naqib dulu camne? Kalau Huahua dulu camne? Or Naufal ke??!

Situation 2

Orang-orang tu : Bile BIl nak kawin?

Bil (live) : nanti la, lama lagi!

Bil (dalam hati) : SEKARANG JUGAK NAK KAWIN!!! Kenapa?? Nak sponsor ke? Sebok jer~

Situation 3

Orang-orang tu : Bil bile nak kawin?

Bil (live) : nanti la, lama lagi. Belum habis study pon lagi, then nak kerja lagi..

Bil (dalam hati) : mood agak baik, jawapan subjective siap dengan elaboration.

Orang-orang tu : kenapa lama lagi?

Bil (dalam hati) : amboi-amboi!!! Tak puas ke dgn jawapan aku?!

Orang-orang tu : kawin je la, klau nak tunggu habis belajar, sampai bile pon tak kawin… apa salahnya kawin je masa belajar!

Bil (dalam hati) : WTH?! Yang kau excited sangat nak suruh aku kawin kenapa? Mcm aku nak kawin dgn anak kau je!

Bil (live) : HE HE HE *eye rolling and ran off*

Well, I survived another point of aggravation! Congratulations Bil! The funny thing is… the other 0.1% of the people at the wedding whom never asked me about 'it' were my sponsors. They are cool people! Or cold, maybe?

After all, Angah's wedding was an immense awesome episode of my holiday. It was so beautiful despite of it being simple yet modest. I am so going to miss having a bedmate with whom I can natter with til we both fall asleep, where in the middle of the night I'll scream of foot cramp or I'll wheeze of asthma but she would dug her head deeper into her pillow. Now that she has a new bedmate…

Til my next post!


*blogging on bed with my new bedmate who sleeps with an acrobatic stance and probably practicing cheerleading in her sleep*


Along.Love.Metrojaya said...

bengong lah bil ni! (Along gelak gile part new bedmate bil tuh!!!)

Kenapa tak abes kan icecream2 tuh? Selagi tak abes, abg Amir tak mo beli lagi tau!!!

(along rase, HuaHua still couldnt figure out who's HuaHua!)

Bil said...

bil dah makan2 yg macademian nuts i think.. then tibe2... teringat GEMOK! terus tutup & simpan!
klau tak chocolates tu pon smua bil habiskan. tp bil makan 1 kinder bueno & 1 snickers je.

HuaHua hahhahahaha!

AfiqGreco said...

bil..bila lagi ?
afiq..lepas ni awak.....

rasa cmm nak pegi kat mic ckp..."aku kawin lambat lagi"...

min really put pressure on us...

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