Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life for rent

Life is getting too boring. Like seriously~ I mean TOO BORED with capitals and bold. Bored of being busy and tired and lack of fun. I've been doing practically the same thing as I did last week, last month, last year even since the past four years and more.

I've been saying the same phrases,

wearing the same clothes,

meeting the same faces,

going to the same places,

seeing the same cases…

eating the same food,

sleeping of the same reasons,

being in the same moods,

being the same person,

As if this jaded life is some kind of curse or something~

I'm stuck in this body under the program of my own, in which I never thought I would want but I actually did and therefore I'm here… I want to switch life, with anyone! Just anyone! If life is like an array of outfit, I would so much liked to be naked and shopping for a new clothes ('life' I mean). Even if I can't afford the price, maybe I could rent? For a day perhaps?

If only life is like movies… I can pick my characters and play in different appeals all the time. I would totally be under a kicking control of myself and how I'd like myself to be, a rock star, supermodel, Sumo wrestler, strawberry farmer, weatherman, just anyone but Bil. I can't even classify myself right now. Who am I? What am I?

Even if lives could be switched, which silly on Earth would want to trade lives with me and be me?! Okay… admirably, my life is perfect. As if 'perfect' in the least of fundamental aspects a girl could wish for, the normal basics of life, nothing much to offer (yet too many dreams to hold). And now, I am sick of waiting for the time where I can at least be 'The Bil of My Dream'. Come out! Come out wherever you are! I'm tired of this game…!

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