Saturday, April 4, 2009

When pictures have to speak

These are some of the images to be Googled which must retain the information that has to be delivered. Pictures have to be instructive and educational, foremost suitable for rural side of Asian primary school children.

Muscle aching – can't search for a decent photo that shows 'muscle aching' which is suitable for primary school children. Meaning : no nude pics.

Diarrhea – I can't imagine a picture explaining diarrhea without having to be so nasty and gross.

Explaining that Dengue fever can lead to death without using the word 'fatal' or anything that might scare them to death.

Advising children to consult a doctor when they have the sign and symptoms of dengue without having to use the word 'signs' and 'symptoms', and most importantly pictures! Find a picture of a nice, friendly looking doctor, and to make my life more challenging, make that a picture of a local doctor. Ha, mane nak cari gambar dokter indon yang cakep dan ganteng?! Ade ke??

I googled images for 'drink a lot', and the whole of first page demonstrate drinking that relates to alcohol. Heh, ga nyambung sih! Nyasar bangettt!

Found a nice picture of 'drinking' but still I don't find it suitable for Asian children. You know… the picture of refreshing sensation of drinking cold water from a mineral water bottle, where the tip of the bottle doesn't touch the mouth, so you can see the elegance and quality of the picture of water flowing with bits of splashing. Too bad the model is sexily stanching in sweats and standing while drinking. No no… not for Dengue promotion.

Dan banyak lagi…

Dan petang ni ada meeting UMNO. Dan sebelum meeting kena audit account.

Dan lembapnya orang refill center (cartridge) ni datang!!! Dah kering dah printer…

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