Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy days get busier

I hardly ever feel extraordinary glad to have spent hundreds thousands of Rupiah but for this time, for something which makes my work extraordinarily easier. I hired a statistics consultant to analyze my experiment data for my thesis, and it's not that inexpensive. Some might say that it's a waste since analyzing data with SPSS is not that troublesome and one can do it by him/herself just by learning few basics. Honestly, I've spent months of reading the 'Statistika Untuk Kedokteran' book, and have tried it, and have dreamt about it, and have had sleepless nights thinking of it and I just couldn't take it anymore. I succumbed, I am bad with numbers, even worse with statistics.

Now that my thesis Bab 5 is done. Phew~ Alhamdulillah!!! Lega, akhirnya… I need to go for a serial consultations, and start proceeds with other chapters. I have to get everything done ASAP. I mean, REALLY ASAP!

KKN starts next week. Wait, I don't even know what KKN stands for. There are just too many abbreviations, capek deh~ It's some kind of field study, where you go out of the campus to endorse the citizens, and as for my course it has to be something like a health promotion program.

As usual, we (my group mates) have chosen the simplest promotion program. After all hassles, we finally confirmed a health promotion program on Dengue (Hemorrhagic) Fever and the targets are primary school children!!!
Yay, kids here we come!!!

Tapi, tiba-tiba guru besar skolah tu mcm banyak cikadaknya… nak suruh kita buat pasal 'teeth and oral care' jugak. And we said "ok, ga jadi masalah!". Hmm… put in mind that this program is fully self-supported – funds are from our own pockets. Hmm, buy toothbrush for every pupil? Oh yea, we are also going to help cleaning the school compound besides conducting health quizzes and… ajar gosok gigi? *stunt*
(that would be my 3rd time teaching kids to brush their teeth, something I never did to my little sisters and brothers before)

We have set half the schedule for our programs, however I am not putting high expectation on anything and am prepare for any changes in the timetable. Been here for four years, and almost 80% of plans have to be rescheduled due to… I don't know, they are just like that – plain pain in the arse. No hard feelings!!!

My current task is to make a slideshow on Dengue Fever. Concerning that we are educating the children, the slides have to be pretty friendly, easy to see, simple words, easy to understand and a lot lot lotsa pictures.

Midterm exam is just around the corner… 10 days to go and I haven't started anything yet.

Tomorrow is the clerkship exam. I wonder how it's like… I wonder what I'll write.

Hmm… okie, need to do some revision for that! Toodles~


rizz said...

gd luck 4 exam tuh hehe

lolalyena said...

BIl best of luck tau ! GOOD LUCK! BIL BOleh!
lina baru nak p daftar KKN maybe on saturday kot.. urs for how long darling? mine i heard 7weeks ... haiyooo.... habis mati gue..

Bil said...

aww... thanks rizz & lina!
about my KKN, im not sure for how long, but its quite long for sure.. so kena buat cepat2. hope everyone is cooperative :)

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