Friday, April 17, 2009

You don’t always get what you want

Knowing myself as a go-getter, I must admit that I'm kind of an aggressive getter, that whatever I want, I'll make sure I get it, by hook or by crook. However this time I don't think I want to get what I want. Get what I mean? I wish to get this something, however I hope that my wish won't come true, because if it does happen, then I'll lose somethingwhich by the earnest greediness of me to give up over my dead body.

I got tagged in one of Ila's notes, and in there she posted a 1,2,3,4 lyrics by Plain White T's. Aww… now she reminds me of that something I want which I wish I'll never get.

On the deepest side of my sensitivity and romantic-ness, there is actually a room for some music inside. Ever since I fell for Taylor Hanson, I listen to every each of the song he wrote as if they were written for me. That was when I truly madly deeply crazily head over heels for him. Life goes on, he's married even before I graduate highschool and have 4 children now. But my heart is still tuning his song, the room is never hushed. And me, I raised up, thank God my broken heart was easily mend and few years later, I met this one fab guy. He ain't no Taylor Hanson, he doesn't write songs, neither have I heard him singing. Eventually, that room has to be filled with rather different elements but music. He, is the radio-in-the-car kinda guy, one who doesn't have a favourite song. Therefore, my dream of having someone to sweetly sing for me has long been disregarded. Who cares, I have him, and I love everything about him, even without a song… You don't always get what you want.

On his side, I somehow know that he needs a good cook since he has an exclusive and uniquely high-taste tastebuds on his tongue. Eventually for him too, that I'm not a good cook, and cooking is just not my cup of tea. Told ya, you don't always get what you want. But… you can always be happy with what you have!

To whoever this Sakina is, you're so lucky babe to get this song dedicated to you.

And to Angie, you get this cute song and cute video all for you??! Not fair!!!


rizz said...

suke la plain white hehe lgu die bestt ngeeeeeeee

Bil said...

lagu tu cute! vc dia pon simple and nice

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