Monday, April 20, 2009

37 highlighters in 4 years

Look, it is supposed to be this way… [me – reading – emphasizing important keys by highlighting the words – using highlighters].

Suddenly… the highlighter (the pink exactly) ran out of ink. The ink fades since last few days but never did actually ran totally down So, it just did – empty – blast!

Question : And what am I suppose to do?

Answer : Go and take a new pink highlighter and continue reading!

Action : sounds easy… but not that faithfully. So, I thought maybe use a different colour of highlighters. No. Just no. Let me tell you what all these different colors of highlighters distinctively have in meaning.

Pink is for general keys and sentences,
orange is for special or newly found words,
is for headlines,
is especially for therapeutic cases or drugs names, while
and purple have no special indication, they are like extra casts in a play.

Then I realized that so far, for all these 4 years of reading and highlighting, I have finished up to 20 pink highlighters, 6 yellows, 3 oranges and greens, 2 blues and purples, which make a total of 36 highlighters!!! Going to be 37 now… (yes, I do keep track of the numbers of highlighters I use and so do all my other stuff).

I have tones of extra highlighters and other stationeries in my drawer. All bought from Malaysia, not because they don't sell stationeries here, but I'm just too stingy that I'm not sparing my own money to spend on petty things I have to get while I'm here. So I bought bundles of cheap yet satisfying highlighters from Mydin USJ, and so do my favourite most comfortable pens and 0.7 2B lead.

So… the exact thing I did (am doing) when the highlighters 'went off', I on my laptop and blog about it!
Ya Allah, betol2 dah takde life dah aku ni!!! Please someone, come and save me! Tolong… tolong…!!!

This is what studying does to your blog post – craps!
Big crap!! Many craps!
As my life evolves just around the study desk and examination hall, my brain starts to rot, alas this is what I wrote – a perpetual nonsensical posts that never a bit important to anyone anywhere at anytime.


rizz said...

i likee pink colourr hihii

Bil said...

u do?? me too!!
hmm.. serious ke rizz? u ni buat i ragu2 la..

k.A said...

i gune 1 colour je.
the green one.
eh3.i beli alat tulis kat indo la. xpnah beli kat mesia. membazir eh?

Bil said...

bli ar dkt mydin usj! murah! lagipun klau pakai RM kan tak terasa sgt.. pakai rupiah mcm beribu2

nisha jailani said...

i hv been using 1 purple highlighter dari spm sampai sekarang, xhabis2 lagi pun. haha

oh btw, ktorg makan durian lagi!!
sila jangan jeles

Bil said...

hantar la skit durian dkt rumah i!!! nnt kite smua sure sayang korang gile2!
nisha.. nak durian! rajjjj nak durian!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hiya...greeting from BU. cheers and god bless :)

Melly said...

hey dont u get confuse with your notes get too colourful? i used to try using 3 colours of highlighters, and ended up feeling dizzy reading them. lol

Bil said...

not at all. in stead i love to see colourful notes! plain is too boring... ZzZzzZz

Tajul said...

banyaknye,hehe.kamu wat ape je dgn sume tu nanti.mesti sayang nk buang.

Bil said...

didn't u read??

Tajul said...

da baca la,tu sebab i tanye kamu soalan.can u read my Q carefully,lalala.maksudnya pas kamu guna semua tu kamu simpan or buang,sumtime ada yg simpan.

Bil said...

oh sorry tajul, i faham ur Q, but mcm rs salah faham plak. coz takkan la nak simpan kot bende yg dh habis kan..
the conclusion is, mesti la i buang. tak collect highlighters pon, just keep in account je how many yg dah pakai :)

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