Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Iota #12 - Oh April…

This is a foreword before I get underway and drown in this month of April


*ehem again*

Seems like I am going to be speechless. I mean, wordless or typeless or wtv. So hereby, I exclusively reveal some fraction of my personal organizer – the month of April. Hope this clarifies the mystery surrounding my disappearance from the virtual world for a while (if I were about to… – as if~).

Don't miss me okiE?!

*hugs & kisses*


rizz said...

hua byknye lep2 hahaha

Bil said...

lep2 tu ape? love ke?? hahahaha! :P

Wani Ardy said...

i tak jadi gi bandung. they wanna send me to US. haih.

takpelah. janji kita belajar. :)

Bil said...

waaaaaaaaaa wani!!!!!!!! *speechless*
:((((( anyway, im happy to hear that! happy for u ^_^
tp i lagi happy if u dtg indon! tapi takpe.. u'll make it anywhere, smart ass!

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