Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am a big fan of the government

I am a big fan of the government. Who is our government again? (answer that yourself!)
My fanatical for the government grows bigger and bigger each day. I am not into politics but I just love the government, our government. And I wouldn't mind bragging about them all night long, and even if I have to debate about it (but I won't do so, cause I am 105% positive that I am on the right side and I'd win no matter what). You, or other people, or almost majority of the citizen can hate our government for an endless list of whatever reasons they have, but in this legal age for voting in election, I am certainly certain of my stand, I am for our government (you state the name of the party here).

The gov paid for my studies since I graduated from kindergarten (I was totally sponsored by my parents during kindergarten) til this point. Though they refused at first and gave me list of other choices, but they still loaned me a big bucks just to get my dream come true. They trust me, I'm flattered…

After loaning me hundreds of thousands, they even prepare me a job! Not just any job, but a professional (you can say that) and that is an affirmation of ten years of contract. Oh, very kind… some refused to take the job as they think that it'd be too burdening and not worth the pay. But I think, it is worth the pahala, nothing to lose and in fact, do you think you are worth than what it takes?
Puh-lis! *eye rolling*

Malaysian citizen are human and been treated humanely. I must say that we are being treated like babies, spoon-fed and helpless! Everything is done by the gov, all you have to know is that you are breathing the way you like it and when there is a microsecond of 'shortness of breathing', you'll spank on the gov's asses and command for more air. Ah, Malaysian… please, grow up, would cha?! Go out, look at other people around you with a much more devastating life in their disastrous countries.

Trust me, I don't trust any other hands to hold my country as best as now. Leave them all with the scandals and corruptions, that's their personal life. Are your life affected by that? Don't you have to go to school? Is your home taken off? Are you family suffer from starvation? Come on, our leaders are humans perfectly equipped with lust for money, more money, sex, leisure and all other human’s desires. Let them be!


As far as I remember, I only had been treated once in the government health provider. My family, we are more to private practitioners. I see my parents draw out their cash everytime we visit the clinic. Most of the time, the bill comes out to nearly one hundred Ringgit for a simple consultation and drugs, whilst only one Ringgit is all it needs to get the same treatment from the government hospital (put aside the comparison of environment). I heard many stories about how 'bad' the government services are, including health services. If it is too bad, how can the HKL gets ISO 9001-2001, while the private practitioners don't?

So far from what I've seen 'behind the scene' in the A & E department of HKL, all the specialist, doctors, nurses, MAs, cleaners and all member of staff work at their most unsurpassed excellencies to provide the best for everyone. Yes, everyone, despite of their economical status, races, religions and even nationality.

Last week, there was an old Indian man. He was at the asthma bay, after being nebulized for the 2nd time, I put on my raspberry stethoscope and could still hear bad wheezing in his lungs. As how Dr Suki had thought me how to handle asthma patient, I did exactly like how had been told (except for the drugs prescriptions). I knew that this man is not having asthma like how he claimed so. He is what I diagnosed as Community Acquired Pneumonia. Anyways, this man's story had made me count another blessing. He is what he said "kerja cuci pasar", and staying in the DBKL labor quarters. I never thought I would come to such close contact with someone with such honorable job as that. How thoughtful of our government to provide shelter for these workers – good roof, warm walls, free electricity, accessible clean water sources and still with reasonable salary and sensible allowance. And most importantly, health services for free of charge!

This morning, another heavy smoker pakcik was transmitted from the asthma bay to the red zone. Another government environmental concierge. He claimed himself as "tukang sapu jalan" with montly salary of only RM400. He is a 'regular customer' of the HKL Asthma Bay where he got his vital dosage of Salbutamol on nebulizer. He is also equipped with Beta agonist inhaler, and from what I saw, he got the Combivent® (one of the newest, best inhaler for asthmatic patient). All these, he got without having to spent a sweat. If is not because of the generosity of our intellectuals government people, can you imagine what will happen to this Pakcik? Semput semput semput and gone!

A Bangladeshi walked into the Yellow Zone with his right hand on his head. He couldn't move even an inch of that hand. Doctor sent him for an X-ray and diagnosed a shoulder displacement. Sent him for mobilization, and the next thing I know, his hand was down and wrapped up neatly in clean bandage. After all done, he walked off the door and back to his 'container', without needing to pay a single sen. Though he is not a Malaysian, but he got exactly what a Malaysian and other human deserve to get. Thanks to our government!!

An Indian citizen man was sent of stroke to the Red Zone. He just arrived in Malaysia for few months and work as a barber. He hardly knows a single word of Bahasa Malaysia. Guess what he got? Treatment for free of charge! He was almost been given one of the most expensive drug (without questioning his nationality), however he was contraindicated for it since he had other complications too. Even if he had that expensive drug, he wouldn't know how much it cost. Aww… how sweet our government is.

Somalian, Indonesian, Burmese, Vietnamese, you name it… as long as they are human, they ought to get treatment when they are sick. No matter how little money they have, even if they have none.

Thanks to all Malaysian who pay their taxes, and for our government, I personally thank you for being smart in coordinating such tremendous system in our nation's health services, thus for making Malaysia a home for everyone.


umi said...

congratulations bil, from now on to me you are an 'orang dewasa'. welcome to the club. you have passed bloom and now dah matured. how i wish im a blogger so that i can blog about you! (p/s can we see less on pink after this?

Shakrinal Aldree said...

hey there. i just had to say something. i only read the first part of this post and im already blown away. not just the fact that you actually say what i always shout to my fellow Melayus (who are so fanatic about politics and being just and righteous), but the fact that it is PRECISELY what i always say! freaky pun ada. haha. well now i know im not alone.

Bil said...

umi : umi.. pink is suitable for all ages despite of their maturity and genders. colors have no discrimination!

shak : yea.. i malas pun nak layan politics, but i am for the gov. some ppl just dont see things they should be..

zaf said...

Vote for me in future,i will be better & greater than Julius Caesar.Kee fighting the good fight together we help our Malaysians.Love u dear,praying you to be the best & excellent doctor.

Bil said...

hahaha ure so funy! okay2, u know i always vote for u and do everything! i love u too!

will! will be the best & excellent doctor. INsyaAllah

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