Monday, February 9, 2009

As simple as ABC

Apple and Yakult are my every morning essentials.

is the best way to express feelings, cause not everyone likes/ready to listen to your whining, only those who cares will read, at least some person in this world know about it…

Credit card is something I never have, and I'm glad. If I do, I'll be toasted by my parents for overspending it. If I do, I'll be fat. Online shopping is not healthy! It's for computer geek who is trying hard to get a life.

Dog – I got chased one…

Eat, eat, eat – something I do for fun, when I'm sad, for pleasure, for living, for I would die for, for every occasion, everything, everywhere!

Favorite color of all time is pink, though it was hard for me to admit that when I was a kid.

Girlfriends and I back at school where we always dream of becoming someone whom we're not. If we were the princesses or heroines, then prefects and teachers were the villains. We were the most rebellious girls at school, but we were too smart that the school loves us.

– I'll never EVER get enough of em'!

If I were not to become a doctor, I thought I'd be a barista in Starbucks, but now I've changed my mind (since Starbucks is fucking jews'). So, if you don't find me in the white coat, maybe I'll be on the television entertaining your kids on some TV program for children, hope I am not too old for Hi-5.

Jordan Taylor Hanson was my first imaginary boyfriend.

Kuala Lumpur is where I was born.

Last year I discovered my ability to cook. But still it's not my passion.

Mak is my grandmother, music is my life.

No one in my family came from a medical background. I wonder where I got this crazy dream. Nobody ever told me to, the idea came even before I know my ABC. Weird actually, I wonder if my sisters were right, am I 'anak K'? oh, whatever, I gotta get this wildest dream of mine done despite of wherever I came from.

'Okie' that's how I spell it.

Playground was my routine to play catching and cycling with my brother and neighbours every day after sekolah agama.

Quando Sies Mia is one of my favorite soap opera.

Robotic doll named Suzie was my childhood favorite doll. She has a light sensitive heart shaped pendant on her necklace and would make a dance move on flashes of camera. That was one heck of sophisticated doll, I wonder if they still make that kinda doll nowadays…

Sleep is the simplest and costless remedy for malady.

Thirty first of January every year is my birthday. The most educative birthday present I've ever gotten were a Scrabble and a very classy globe (both from my parents). That is why I am kinda verbose and I know geography very well.

Ultraman Ace – I used to watch every episode.

vision of my left eye is -3.75 Dioptri, while my right is -3.5 Dioptri.

Walking pace is higher than a normal average girl.

xoxo, there are still secrets I cannot tell.

YES – the most wonderful word that could came out from my parents' mouth.

Zuff is where I find my wisdom, love, respect and sense of belonging.


zia mia said...

Ability to cook??? I will be the judge. I train you sis and she is now ready to be the 'not desperate housewife', unlike your other sister who owns a Teal.

Bil said...

yeah! i can cook something edible and pleasant to chew and InsyaAllah something SAFE. i dont take orders!

bought-TEAL-for-someone said...

btw THE TEAL is NOW belongs to OUR SISTER, who you trained NOT TO BECOME DESPERATE HSEWIFE!!!

i wish for podachette! that is more desperate!!!

Bil said...

along! birthday present bil?? though the birthday cake is sweet.. tp dia tulis PIL, so mcm tak kire MINE la kan?

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