Friday, February 13, 2009

Sobbing of alphabets

Just came back from 'sending Elisha off to Melbourne at KLIA'. It's kinda sad… sad for 2 reasons or probably more. Well, lets not talk about it.

We then dropped by for some satay kajang (since most of them haven't eaten yet). Thought of the after partytaiti-ing at the kopitiam for a while, but I just couldn't get this body up for more hour. Perhaps my carcidian cycle has been altered since I go to bed constantly early these few weeks.

While nipping my ABC in a half-sleep consciousness, it suddenly appears in my mind the autism kid whom I attended at the asthma bay last week. He, 8, who has the cutest yet hilarious cry I've ever heard my entire life. It takes special endurance to comprehend with the unique mind of an Autism kid and we don't communicate like normal people does, thus it is quite a difficulty to understand their need. I just place the clip where it measures the blood oxygen saturation on his thumb and he started to whine. Then, I wrap the cuff around his arm to measure his blood pressure, and the whining gets harder and harder. He whined, I didn't know why, until the mother told me that he's 'special'. The whining gets harder and louder and he was howling as if he was in a severe pain. I was trying to understand what he was saying in his weeping sound and as sounds very familiar… he was actually crying of A B C (instead of 'reading'). When I got him, he was up til the letter H already.

Can you imagine? It sounds so cute to have read the ABC while you're sobbing.

AAaaa sob..sobb.. B.. sob sob C..sob sob D sob EEee sob sob F sob…

And, he was crying out his ABC til he gets out of the office. It was even more difficult for me to do auscultation of his lungs (interfere with his voice) . I didn't know if he was still wheezing, but Dr. Cheng's ear and stethoscope were there too, luckily.

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