Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And yet another episode…

Everyday spent in the hospital (Emergency Department to be exact) is like watching a new episode of ER or Grey's Anatomy or House M.D (Niptuck? 3 lbs? naa). New cases, new discovery and certainly an 'excitement'. I definitely learn something new and interesting everyday and emphatically glad that somehow in this luring holiday I managed to drag this pair of fatty arse for something more beneficial rather than just 'fat accumulation' and 'money reduction'. Though it is tiring at times, but it is worth every sweat.

As my parents, sister and aunt love to hear daily episode of my 'melodrama', I myself love anticipating playing in one. Every so often, I 'over-timed' at the hospital, just waiting for some 'scene'… how I wish I could try stay there at different time of the day (as the scenario varies), say at night, alas transportation seems to be the main problem here. But it's okay~

I am recalling few scenarios that are happening today in the unit. Yet, don't know exactly which one to exert, too many common cases and don't know which to put a forth. Nonetheless, there was this odd one that I'll tell… And the story goes :

When there are policemen ranging around the unit, you'll know that there is some unusual case was brought in, and most probably a psycho case or better known as the 'P.S.Y'. Everyday, there is surely, at least one p.s.y case presented, by some means, I find these cases are interesting – like some cracking of serious jokes (I love laughing and quite bad in controlling it). However today, the p.s.y case was rather a bloodcurdling.

I found a young Chinese man, large sized body, with both hands cuffed together, very well dressed and good hygiene was laid on a trolley bed. He was just strolled into the Yellow Zone for minutes, Dr. Carey (my senior in uni) was pointed to take a first look and first ear of this patient while some other doctor had a talk with the policemen. I tagged along (with other few nurses, MA and an H.O), listen to what the patient had to say – he had a whole lot of story which I heard it as 'bragging'.

To cut the story short…

The policemen collected all his personal items into a plastic bag said "Saya ambil ini semua barang aa? Atau kamu mau letak sini saja?"

"kenapa mau ambil? Sini saja letak woo, saja boleh jaga, ini doktor juga boleh kasi tolong jaga sama saya" and shot a sharp stare on me.

"Oh sh**, whattha??!" I thought to myself, goosebumps all up

He kept his stare on me and said "You cina kan?"

"Tak, I'm a Malay" I answered with a little unnoticeable shiver.

"Takpe, saya mau awak jadi doktor saya, tolong kasi tengok sama barang-barang saya"

After a few second pause, he turned and look at everyone else around

"Saya mau ini doktor kasi tolong tengok sama saya aaa"

And everyone's turned their blunt sympathetic stare at me. I petrified.

And the patient, he gave me this filthy flirty kinda look and say

"Siapa nama doktor? Banyak cantik la. Sudah ada boyfriend? Doktor sini jaga barang saya, nanti saya bagi satu handphone"

HOLY SH**!!! I was freaking freaked out and involuntarily rushed out of the Yellow Zone. I didn't know what happened next… I know, I shouldn't have acted so, instead I should have stayed, listen and help the patient out of his miserable disturbed mind. But it happened too quickly, my involuntary timorous reaction. After a few hours, I went back (knowing that he should have had been referred to p.s.y ward), I looked out for his 'ticket' or patient record. There were 4 pages full of patient's history got from the police, his brother and he himself.

Imagine this, a huge and plump Chinese man, well dressed, claims that he is a bonzer, works for some 'Alongs' (illegal money loaners), very well known among the VIPs, had fights with several people (mafia la konon), also 'tarik kereta', 'take care' of the Petaling Street area, raped a few people, also known by a name which means 'Make big money', have business of selling handphones and was classmate with Nurul Izzah Anwar (and academically better than her).

And from the police, he went ballistic in front of the police station, throwing things around, shouted and threatened the policemen, also threatened to rape one of the policewoman there, claims that he was upset with the police officers who turned him down when he reported that he was a victim on a gang fight and had several serious injuries here and there (while he looked totally fine, healthy and no sign of abused).

And plentiful information from his brother, where from all these stories, I can say that he is not right. That something is wrong somewhere, schizophrenia? Perhaps.


umi said...

next time kalau org tanya 'you cina ke, melayu ke' ... you cakap ... saya orang putih ohhh ... mat salleh .. try it tau. and do not laugh

Bil said...

rupe cam keling.. cakap cam indon.. darah campur jawa, dlm ic tulis Melayu.. ntah mane datang cine pun taktau la..

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