Saturday, February 7, 2009

Series of hodgepodge events

Touch Wood

I am not sure how to put this… I told Umi and Along that 'work' was 'fun' today, someone died, there was a psycho kid and the asthma bay got attacked by massive numbers of asthmatic patients.

Compared to yesterday, even 'worse'. We waited til lunch hour but still not many 'nice' cases to observe (there was when me, Susan & Robert walked off and hang around Bintang Walk and Chinatown).

I know, these are not supposed to be 'fun' – touch wood!

Nevertheless, I learnt a lot of things today. Something I never knew, something I only had to imagine before, something I knew but I forgot, things that I don't usually do.

Sama je

I got to 'work' a bit late today and stayed longer than office hour. Nobody cares, I don't have working hours and I am almost invisible there. I find it an advantage, albeit of being that invisible, I freely walk around and do anything I like (as long as I Primum non nocere @ First do no harm). The most valuable thing I learnt is that 'asking is the most important subject in learning'. Don't expect the doctors will come to you and tell you what he/she is doing and what has been done. No no… absolutely they won't tell you if you don't ask, jangan harap! If someone claims that Malaysian doctors are so goooood that they teach the medical students (willingly) compared to Indonesian doctors who ignore the students, from my experience that is very not true. All doctors don't keenly tell you anything unless if you ask, they'll be glad to answer.

I always wanted to join in the CME handled every morning at the hall by 8. I don't know what CME stands for, but I think it's Continuous Medical Education (I asked Dr. Carey, but she was not sure herself). During that CME, they'll review most of the cases presented at the department the day before and discuss about it. I am not sure how it goes, I should try to come before 8am and join them someday.

There's been a death

The red zone (critical/resuscitation), was merely free today. When I came, the zone was empty. Then came a mother with her crying baby boy. From lab tests, he was suspected pneumonia. Practically the doctors take long to intubate him and free his airway, with few jabs through his I.V line, and a little sedative and analgesic to keep him calm and doze off. Today, 2 babies were brought in. When the bell rang for 3 times again, an old lady was sent in collapsed by her neighbours. ABC were assess and resuscitations were done, nothing helped much, asystole and she died. Dr. Tan said she was actually brought in dead, nyawa-nyawa ikan gitu…

Then there was a 63 year old man came in with upper limb weakness, dilated pupils (too many signs to state em all here), which a tumor on the brain is found from the CT scan. There was also an Indian man (a barber originally from India) came with a Bell's Palsy. I knew it straight away that he was having a stroke. However though the doctor was suspecting a heart disease too since he had quite an abnormal picture from his ECG. I saw Dr Kas having quite a hard time deciding the finest treatment for this man, Streptokinase was one of many major choices, however it was hard for her to decide since the treatment comes with a serious side effect of cerebral hemorrhagic. Susah susssah…

Mistaken identity

Meanwhile, in the Yellow Zone, Dr Jaya was confused. He has a slip of blood test script in his hand. He looked around for the owner of that test, it belongs to the patient by the name Pasha Kaur Singh, no patients were found by that name. It also got to his nerves that the blood test result for the patient he attended was still not done yet. His patient's name is Nur Fasha. That lady was all day at the infusion bay, she was dehydrated due to a chronic diarrhea. At the infusion bay, she told me that she is on slimming tea which is a possible cause of her diarrhea. Dr Jaya didn't know about it, until I told him.

Cutting the crap, Pasha Kaur Singh and Nur Fasha is actually the same person. She converted, but the old and new data was overlapping, with the same IC number.


I prefer attending the asthma bay, rather than tagging around in the Red Zone. At least there is something I can do besides observing and profusely ask questions to the forever busy doctors in confusion. At least I can sit and examine the patients, insert IVs and prepare the nebulizer mixtures. Doctors don't do that kind of procedures, these simple things are usually handled by M.A, before handing the patients to the doctors for further diagnosis and drugs prescription.

Dr Chen is the one in charge to take the responsibility over the asthma bay, when I first saw him early this week at the BLS class, I thought he was Jo! Johan Ariff! Sebijik okay!!!~ Oh well, since I was there to help him to look over the asthmatic patients on neb, he didn't have to run in and out of his office (examination cubicle) to check out on them. He also gave me the chance to listen to the patients' respiration (for wheezing and ronchi), and would take my opinion about what I heard and we will discuss for further actions. I feel appreciated for once. Before he went off, he tabs on my back and thank me for helping out. Aww… thanks to YOU Dr. Chen!

The Nut Case

"kau siapa?? Kau manusia ke??"

Unerringly, nothing came out of the 17 year old boy's mouth. Nothing but those 5 words. Two policemen came escorting him wearing the you know… that psychotic garb folding his body where belts were tighten so he can't move around freely. Pity him…

"Kau siapa?? Manusia ke?"

Rasa macam nak tergolek2 ketawa, but everyone seems calm, doing their own things. Mereka dah biasa… tapi kesian juga dekat 2 polis yang sentiasa melayan budak tu. Walaupun Si Nut tu dah nampak muka polis tu setiap masa, tapi setiap kali tengok polis tu Si Nut akan mengeluarkan soalan yang sama. Sampai… agaknya polis tu dah boring, dia pon cuba menggembirakan diri dia, bila ditanya (dalam nada tinggi)

Si Nut : kau siapa?? Manusia ke?!!

Polis : Tak, saya jin

Si Nut : kenapa kau jin??? Mana manusia semua??

Polis : asyik jadi manusia je. Kenapa la kau selalu tanya…

Sampai forever pun budak tu akan tanya (jerit actually) bende yang sama. Sampailah…

Si Nut : Kau siapa?? Manusia ke?!!

Mak : Ni mak lah! (dengan nada menyampah. Mak dia dah selalu sgt jawab soalan tu kot)

Si Nut : Mak, diaorg nak bunuh Si Nut!!!! aaaaRghh!

Mak : tak lah. Diaorg nak bagi ubat je (mak dia relax je)

Si Nut : Kalau si nut mati mcm mane?!

Mak : tak mati, ubat tu utk bagi Si Nut sihat je…

Si Nut : Kalau aku mati, siap korang semua!!!! Aku kerjakan!!!!!!!

Kelakar okay, kalau kau dah mati, macam mane nak kerjakan kita smua??! Rasa macam nak bukak and campak white coat ni and ketawa golek-golek atas lantai!!
Tapi, kenapa semua orang lain tak ketawa pon???!


I-Own-A-Teal said...

"Rasa macam nak bukak and campak white coat ni and ketawa golek-golek atas lantai!!" <<< ini siapa yg suruh buat?

kalau NUT dtg lagi minggu depan - berbual lah dgn dia.

Kau siapa?? Manusia ke?!!

Bil jwb, "Nenek lah!"

Bil said...

u own a teal??????!!!!
YEAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! congratulations tak tido malam! lps ni try magenta lagi..

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