Thursday, February 19, 2009

The cute cutex

The Red Zone was activated. Every Red crew was as impossibly calm as usual. An old Indian man was in his ramshackle condition. While the doctor was 'calmly' having an eventful brain of recalling names of drugs, dosages, interventions and so, the nurses were hectically resuscitating his airway, breathing, and circulation, the patient laid with full of calmness (he was unconscious, that's why).

While me… I was trying to get his finger to clip on the clip to measure the blood oxygen saturation. When I got his hand, my first thought was "umm… cold". My second thought was when I looked at his fingers, guess what I saw?

Chipped shimmering gold nail polish!

My third thought was impeded by the seriousness of the condition, and if it wasn't in that momentous, I would have laughed! But since I gotta be serious, I just smiled. Til now, I am still wondering – why was he wearing a nailpolish? Gold and glittery.

Cucu dia pakaikan kot…


umi said...

sure dia keja kat lrg haji taib ... pakai gloves all the time tau

Bil said...

he's an OLD MAN!
dah tue kerepot punya indian man.
kenapa kerja dkt lorong haji taib plak? dah tak berstamina..

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