Friday, February 20, 2009

Life description

Waking up before 6 a.m and got out of the house before dawn this whole week has made me come to an early stage of hatred of working life, but yet very amazed of those thousands of people who are doing so for their living –
1. wake up before dawn,

2. get into their driving machines and 'drag' the mobiles down the course of congested roads for miles,
or forcefully squeeze themselves into the public transportations where crumpled working attires is more likely to happen in the ass-to-ass condition, and not forgotten the aroma of mixed scented from everyone's perfumes (and even some who refused to bathe in the morning) make you feel like suffering from a 'morning sickness',
3. sit at their desks, in front of the computers, with piles of papers, answering calls, listening to complains, explaining how the world turns, or (state your job description here)
4. indisputably serve their companies,
5. love to hear the clock ticking, and sometimes even visualized the clock turns faster (but slower during lunch break),
6. smile to their colleagues when there is extra time to think about 'being nice' to other people,
7. talk to colleagues when there is more extra time to vocalized sticky situation, or sometimes they just mumble out things that are not even significant to the current situation,
8. and get off to work right when the clock hit 5.00pm (or state your working hour here), rewind back the before dawn episodes of point number 2 and 3
9. repeat the whole procedure number 1 to 8 for 5 or 6 days in a week
10. get paid by the end of the month
11. pay off the bills and such
12. and never forget to pray that they will at least have some times for shopping and spend their salary for something else besides bills, meals, petrols and public toilet. Allah is most kind of all, He granted all these prayers, though not at all times. This is why you still find shopping malls and job vacancies.
These 12 points are what you called 'Life' and everyone is looking forward for this journey of life. They read the Classifieds at local newspapers, they surf jobstreet, they walk in for interviews and brag about themselves, they all find jobs!
Unlike some other countries where their citizens desperately look at money and strategized their 'work', or sit and beg for money…
I am glad we are Malaysian, we all find jobs for money, we work!

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