Sunday, February 15, 2009

No hint

Last Thursday, an old Chinese woman asked me to make her die. Not exactly to kill, but she, in her utter pain and confused mind (senile perhaps), put both her palms together continuously begging me

"Doktor, tolong saya, saya mau mati"

Hmm… she got so irritating when she refused every command that her doctor asked. That doctor (a singh, I didn't get his name) got so infuriated by her nonsense speech. He was too tired to entertain silly things I reckon, but what he wanted was just to complete his general physical examination. Went off to breathe for a while, he passed the history taking to me. Means, I have to talk to her the senile woman of multiple illness yet nothing has been substantiated due to bad communications.

Dr. Suhailan – I must say one of the best doctors I've met in ED so far. Therefore I rushed this morning just to get to the 'HO training session' where he handled. He reminded me a few times yesterday about today's A & E session as I could see how sincerely he wanted to teach. He's good. His good intervention and planning has saved the life of an almost dead patient who was brought in collapsed due to status asthmaticus.

CPR was done for few times, he was asystoled for few times, there were signs of return cardiac function for few minutes, brought in the resus collapsed with no pulse, got defib, the nurse was teaching him to 'mengucap', blabla bla over all, it was one of the worse-near-to-death situations I've ever seen so far… and he was saved (despite the fact that his brain is damaged). And me, I was exhausted doing hundreds of external chest compressions and a little bit of bagging.

He (the almost dead patient), I believed woke up to a sunny sunshine, putting on his Levi's jeans and didn't get a bit of hint of death coming near… poor human.

Meanwhile, in the Yellow Zone…

A psychotic woman was there sitting while being guarded by two policemen. After sitting calmly for few minutes, she got up and says

"Aku balik dulu lah"

One of the cop ran towards her, captured her and tell her to wait for a few more minutes til the doctor comes. The psychotic woman looked around confusedly and asked everyone
"kenapa aku dekat sini? Aku nak balik lah!", got up immediately and ran off (but the policemen managed to seized her up).
She walked back to her bed while spanking off everyones' asses around there. Luckily I was facing her, so my ass was safely backed off. Again, I felt like laughing hard to those nurses and MA whose asses got spanked, but then as usual, everyone was impossibly calm (just jolted for a millisecond and then got back to work).


zia 22 said...

keep up the entries. happy vals day, any cute docs that make ur day today?

Nadine Mazbar said...

Bad, bad girl...spank her ;p They should change 'pschye ward' to 'spank ward' hehehe ;) Take care dear ;*

Bil said...

umi : will try.
k.nad : i think it should be the 'theater of jokes'. hehe

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