Thursday, February 5, 2009


Despite of being 23 years and 5 days, I instead feel like a frigging old fart.

It all started at the Chinatown this afternoon. Susan and I were walking about the Petaling Street when she suddenly saw a hawker stall selling that 'ice with greenish thing a.k.a chen-doll'. She tried that what we called 'cendol' and she liked it. Therefore she thought of getting another cendol. We went to that stall where an Indian male with a quite big figure was busy preparing, and when it came to my turn, I placed my order…

"Uncle, cendol 2, 1 tanak pulut, 1 kosong"

The 'man' turned to me and he said "Uncleeeee??! Kau panggil aku 'uncle'?"

He must have felt too old for that title. Since he seemed younger and deserved a better name, I guess 'abang' would be more appropriate.

"Oh sorry. Abang eh? 2 cendol okay?"

"Abang pulak dah… 'adik' jer lah!! Saya baru 20 tahun"

Oops, my bad. I didn't see him younger than I am, conceivably he was too dark that I couldn't distinguish our age gap. Indians sometimes do have large structure and do look older than their chronological age. However, what comes to my concern is, how could the 'boy' tell that he's younger than me, or in other word, I am older than him?

Waaa~ I ni nampak tua ke?

Oh wait, but today during breakfast with Susan and Robert, they looked kinda surprised to know that I'm 23. They're 22 by the way… they thought I'm younger. Maybe… maybe because they are smarter and I look kinda dumb. Or perchance, Malays are not as 'matured looking' as they are, Scottish and Irish.


qishie qawaii said...

ahaha...pasni mesti kak bil cepat2 beli olay utk ilangkan wrinkles tu sume kan??ekekeke

Bil said...

hmm... takde wrinkles pon. kulit ni masih solid dan kental. mude remaja

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