Monday, February 9, 2009

Making a difference

About all the boycotting game (wait, I don't think it's a game)… I am all for humanity and will support any kind of effort to sustain the civilization of humankind, therefore I do the boycotting (and I don't give a freaking damn about your conflicting ideas). If you haven't heard of the boycotting fab, well it's an effort to hold back the American and Israelis products and with a bit of luck towards dwindling their economy and thus lesser their budgets for the war. I am totally buttresting it! Even if I can help in earmarking a single cent, I'd be proud. I believe in teamwork.

By boycotting, it means you have to put some effort to change your lifestyle, your routine, your habits and everything that has to do with the American and Israelis (note : I have nothing against the American citizens personally, I am doing this for the sake of humanity, I am still a big fan of Hanson), and it is not as easy as it sounds. As for me, imposing sanctions over the orgasmic Starbucks Java Chips Frapuccino is challenging (but I believe its breakable). Some of my vital brands such as : Kleenex is the best un-tearable tissue for blowing your rhinitis nose, Ambi Pur does keep the air fumed better than any other air fresheners, Kotex keeps me safe, comfortable and confident during my monthly 'hemorrhage', I was born with Johnson & Johnson baby powder, bath foams and body lotion and the rest are not so vital. Nonetheless, I believe I don't depend my life on these brands and I can make a difference – a little sacrifice for a big change, why not?

Without our concern, the devastating extent of the suffering being inflicted on the people of Gaza by Israel would have been worse than worse!!

It has been ages since Zuff and I hangout together wi-fi-ing in public places. Starbucks used to be 'the place', but today we went to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves instead. I don't have any favorites in CB, hence I took minutes to decide of what to have. I had Belgian Chocolate and a piece of triple cheesecake (or whatever the name is). Zuff had the mocha blended. Both drinks were good, but nothing beats my Frap. I'm in an attempt to go for Caf-free anyways... (new year's resolution). However, I was quite disappointed on the facilities in CB. They don't provide many electric sockets, not even extension wires. They ought to do something in order to compete with SB, perhaps I should have dropped some words in their suggestion box.


Fuzzy A! said...

You forgot about Windows/Apple. They should be boycotted too if you're boycotting, shouldn't they?

Bil said...

i boycott things that i am capable of.. the best i can. but seems like nothing can replace my windows just yet.
at least im trying my best, but not all the best is enough.

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