Saturday, May 29, 2010

Presentation continued…

About yesterday's presentation - phewH~ (sambil mengesat peluh yang menitik macam peluh Lee Chong Wei), Alhamdulillah it's over and done! (chup chup! Not so 'done' yet, exam starts on this coming Mondayyghhh!!)

So, you asked, was it a 'kao kao attack' or an 'abugit'? Well, too good to be true, I got neither of those! But knowing her, yes she did 'make up' comments about my work though!

Why was she so fierce and pointing up bazooka at the other who presented their assignments before me the day before, but not 'that' so fierce to me and Rou yesterday?

1. Apparently, she gives a very deep attack (I mean, she really emphasize) on how to be a good doctor from the most important aspect of treatment which is 'anamnesis' a.k.a 'history taking'. It depends on our skills of digging a good story and history of a patient. Therefore we got to state our dialogue in our presentation and she'll evaluate every single word we use, on how we tackle in with the questions and the flow of our conversation – yeah, to that extend detail!

Call me lucky and envy me, my patient is deaf and mute (not mute actually, but he has speech problem). Therefore I got to skip the autoanamnesis (direct history taking) and jumped to heteroanamnesis (interviewing the family member), hence left her (the Royal Highness of pengangat bulu roma) with no aim to attack me on that particular section. Yayy!!!
However though, I still did carry out a few actions of contact with my patient to evaluate his mental status so that I can eliminate the differential diagnose of autism. No, from my evaluation, he is not an autistic (like what the previous psychiatrist diagnosed him).
As for Rou, she did a very magnificent interview with her patient that none of us thought of asking such questions. Eventually, that Royal Highness still had some holes to pick on her, but not to that extend that she (Rou) got an abugit from her. Applause to us!

Diagnose yang 'ditunda'

The best part was… both our diagnoses are wrong, Lol! Not that so wrong but she refused to accept. I knew I shouldn't have diagnosed my patient before I referred him for further check-ups at the ENT and Rehab center, but I simply did because from the psychiatry aspect, his symptoms are perfectly clear!

And to cover her vast of egos, she didn't even suggest me any working diagnoses, instead she canceled up my diagnoses and wrote there 'ditunda'! Whatta??! That is so unprofessional!!!

2. Another reason why she wasn't 'that' so fierce yesterday probably because we had it early in the morning when the temperature wasn't high enough to boil her temper.

3. And third, probably because we held it at her place with her perfect (not so perfect though) ying and yang and her Royal Highness aura tingling in the air!


ohmywtf said... ur a medical student then? :-)

Bil said...

you got that right mate! and how about u? what do u do?

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