Friday, May 28, 2010


It was quite a stressful day… (bukan 'quite' dah, memang SANGAT stressful pon!) we had our case presentation this evening. Yes, evening! Not morning, and luckily not night. And yes, with whoelse if not Your Highness (si madam yang boleh menegangkan bulu roma).
Since it was too late in the evening, our report had to be continued tomorrow, early morning, as early as 7am. Oh man, memang demanding. Dah la besok public holiday, pastu kena sambung presentation plak tu, pagi-pagi buta plak tu and part paling tak boleh bla is, dekat rumah dia plak tu!!! Isk isk isk… 

And the worse thing is that, it will be my turn then!

Just now, things went more extreme than how I thought it would be, she did not just fired the presenters with that kinda 'kao kao attack' but it was more like 'ABUUUGIT'!! If only forces are visible, I bet those people would have been admitted with multi-fractures (imagine those pitiful presenters with all extremities in cemented gips and hanging by their beds – kesian… kesian…).

Hah, tak payah nak 'kesian… kesian…' dkt orang lain. Besok memang kau punya turn Bil! Rasakan kehebatan abugit beliau yang memang mempunyai tekanan 100 tera-Pascal.

Back from the hospital this evening (record hari ini balik paling lambat – 4 pm), I swore that I would revise my assignment and study very hard so that I can answer every of her questions perfectly with full of confident. However, after dinner… American Idol's on TV!! Memang tergugat iman nak belajar. After American Idol is done, Kak Shida came, so the whole housemates hangover the couches to catch up with her. Memang sah akan kena abugit besok!

Apparently, when I got back to my workstation, papa called and I had video conference with him. Papa showed me old photos of him and practically started to introduced me to whoever I might not know, I might not remember, and those who existed before me. It was always a stress-therapy to get to have this kinda family-time, therefore I stayed on video for almost hour and a half acknowledging my atok-nenek-moyang & Co.

So, it started with this family portrait... arrow pointing at that very little girl who happened to grow up to be my Tok Puan! Comelnya nenek ku!

"Haaa ni Bil tau sape! This is arwah Nyang!", this explains my expression. My great grandmother, who just passed away somewhere around hmm... last 2 years?

This is my great great grandmother! She is in fact lived til the evolution of colored-photo printing.

"Woooo! Sultan Johor pakai shorts lah weyh!!!" So that's Sultan Abu Bakar, and that arrow shows my great grandfather. Taktau la dia buat ape mencelah dkt situ...

Well, this is something to be proud of. My late grandfather with his fellow writer friends. He even had a pen-name (which is obviously not 'Chedet'). Guess who wrote your high-school novel Konserto Terakhir??!

And before I bid good night to papa, he showed me this Scottish family portrait, and can you spot something 'sneaky' about it? Selamat mencari dan ketawa terbahak2!

Okay, sudah! Harus tidur yang cukup, besok akan lebih semangat untuk presentation. Good night!


qishie said...

good luck kak bil!
last picture tu tak leh blah la..haha.

Bil said...

thanks qish! dah selamat dah! selesai sudah responsi.
hahahaha u nampak eh ape dkt pic tu?? ish ish.. mmg otak tak boleh bla~

NanaNovella said...

hahahah..time2 ni jugakla die nk tunjuk gmbr lame..mcm xleh nk tunggu besok2..haha..

Bil said...

tu la pasal! tapi klau tak chat dgn my dad pon, i takkan blaja pon.. terus terjun atas katil and ZzZzz...

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