Sunday, May 9, 2010

The louder the better!

On the evening of 30th April, at the labor room of Wlingi hospital, came a post-term mother of 40-42 weeks of pregnancy, with no sign of labor – zilch!

Then was my turn to handle the patient, and I was very excited hoping that with a little bit of induction, she will deliver her baby in anytime soon. However, after almost 2 days of observation, she is still walking around the ward, not a single contraction felt, no sign of labor at all – naught!

Since I had to rush back to Malang (for some reasons) on that evening, and I won't be around til the next day, I succumbed… I passed her to a friend to handle just in case if she'll be in labor while I wasn't around.

The short trip back to Malang took about almost 2 hours from Wlingi. Me and Zana took a bus back home. Little did I expect to jump into a random bus ride, to think about it was a nightmare, but even worse if we had to go by train. It's the public transportation in this country that we concern. In view of the fact that we were running out of time, and couldn't find any available 'travel' to rent, without hesitation, we jumped into the bus nonetheless.

The bus ride was… uncomfortable, yes of course, what do you expect to get for a Rp10000? That actually wasn't my first bus ride, but still, I found it hilarious. The bus speeds along the 'jalan kampung' and through the winding trails. The best part was when it stops not for passengers but for random vendors who sell food and beverages and not forgotten, also to 'pengamen' (street artists) and penyanyi dangdut. Yes, imagine a dangdut singer singing on a bus! Lol!!!

Penyanyi dangdut #1

Penyanyi Dangdut #2Pengamen cool #1

Okay, I went back and fro Wlingi-Malang-Wlingi by bus despite of the nauseating dangdut singers and super speedy driver. I somehow got to appreciate the speed as when I was on my way back to Wlingi, I got a call from a colleague saying that they've got me a new patient in which I could conduct her labor. However the patient was already in her active phase I labor with 6cm of cervix dilatation. In which means, I have to rush back to Wlingi A.S.A.P before her complete dilatation in order to get my chance to fully conduct on her labor. Thanks to the speedy bus driver, I made it on time – though she finally gave birth 8 hours after I arrived.

The scenery - nothing but sawah padi!

Talking about my post-term patient, to my surprised, she was still able to walk around the ward with no sign of labor STILL – even after 2 flasks of oxytocin drip! Damn, tension aku!!! If she didn't give birth by that evening, she would be under the scalpel then! Therefore, the resident had to induce her with cervical ripening and I did nipple stimulation until she finally felt the contraction…

So then, at the labor room were two patients waiting to give birth. My post-term patient went first, with a help of a manual vacuum extraction and episiotomy, and I successfully conducted her whole process of labor! Alhamdulillah… A very very big sigh! A very big thank to the most supportive resident – Dr. Des!

However, since the 3.1kg baby boy was a post-term, his condition wasn't as good with Apgar Score 3-4. Cry baby cry!!! The louder the better!!!

While I was hecting my patient's V, the other patient went into her labor – and was conducted by the midwives and resident.

Back to Malang, on my final on-call, I was given another chance to conduct a labor. There goes, a 2.4 kg baby boy! Cry baby cry!!! The louder the better!!!

I wrapped up my O&G posting with a wide smile. My goals are achieved
(although the OSCE didn't went that well), I got to conduct on labors(checked! Checked!),assist caesarean sections (checked! Checked! Checked! Checked!) and curettage for abortus incomplete patient (checked!). Praise the Almighty…
My second baby boy (lol as if he's mine)The newborn with her doctor *smirk*

I went back home yesterday morning to have a soundless sleep. Followed by a hangout in the evening at The Sisters and got treated a scrumptious opera chocolate cake from Icha and to some teh tarik session with Frente. *sigh*

To all my patients who successfully gave birth, to all mothers in the world, to mothers-to-be, and especially to my life strongest pillar, Mama, Happy Mothers' Day!!!
God has never sent me a better gift, and I got ever since before I was born, and it's YOU!

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