Thursday, May 6, 2010

Post-exam euphoric

I finally found the love for what we called 'Exam'. (yes, you read that right – L.O.V.E)

It has been an undisclosed feeling about exam that has successfully revealed today. I am proud to say that I love exam for the one effin fact that it gives me such a liberation when I hear the final buzzer indicating a 'timed-out'. Ahhhh~

Yes I love exam (the second when it is over).

I get the dopamine rush!

I feel the long-withholding blood sprinting through my veins, faster than F1 speed cars.

It feels like a ton of burden has been lifted away from my head,

I feel as light as a feather that I can just blow myself and fly away!

Oh, I love the feeling when it is finally over! I swear I do! Cut my fingers if I lie...

I can't believe that exam holds a great bunch of dopamine in my pre-synaptical nerve, and that when it's over, it feels so so so much ecstasy.

Exam is a free ecstasy supply! Free flow on ladies night!

I'm on euphoria!

*Macam terover plak Post-Exam Euphoric (PEE) this time, padahal ada lagi 11 postings! sedar la diri sikit wahai Bil... dah pegi sambung blajar! (konon)*

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