Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday mi amor!

*This is a scheduled post, I am currently out of Blogger reach*

Look who's 27 now!!!

More matured, more intelligent, more handsome, cuter, buffer, smarter, wiser, cooler, more loving *hearts hearts* and the list goes on… (of all the good things that coming along the way).

At this age, I would like to remind you of your goal for this year – Graduate your MBA with excel (a.k.a Dean's List) and a buffed up sexy washboard abs!

Look what you have achieved these previous year – Graduated your PADI diving certificate, got out of Petronas and moved to Pos Malaysia with better profits and came to visit me twice (since your last birthday). And there are just too much that I'm running out of time to write them all up in here. However, I am so incredibly proud of you darling!

I wish you more success to come and fantastic years ahead as you deserve all the fabulousity in this world! *further birthday message is not for published in my blog*

Happy birthday Ahmad Zhafri!

I love you so much! Xoxo!


zaf said...

Tq Nabilah syg..muahhxx!i will work hard this year for us k.Love u always

Bil said...

ure welcome zhafri bucuk!
i know u will!
i love u always too ;)

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