Sunday, April 11, 2010

Iota #22 - The bathroom

It's irritating to see strands of hair clogging the toilet drain. Even if it's just a few strands. And what's more annoying is the person to whom the hair belongs to is someone who never washes the bathroom!!

How can I say that that someone never washes the bath? Who knows she might have washed it several time during her shower?

Hell yeah, even if I have to believe that she have washed it, I must say that she must have washed her body at what she thought was the toilet. The toilet is never amazingly clean suddenly if it wasn't me who washed it.

A better evidence to support my previous statement is from my experience to see the bathroom at its dirtiest was after I came back from my 1 month holiday. And that happened twice (since we moved in), clogging drain, dirty floor and walls, and even spider webs on the corner of the ceiling. Doesn't this enough to show that she really never washed the bathroom?

It was fine at the beginning because she always had excuse that she is too busy for it. Since she entered the practical before me, I was made to understand her busy-ness and give in, therefore I always 'didn't mind' if I had to always clean our bathroom. But as time goes by, when my hectic time comes, and she is having more leisure time than me, the situation is still the same. Her hair still clogging, and it's me who always have to clean the bath.

Now I understand that it's not about her lack of time nor her hectic schedule, but it's about her. It could either be that she doesn't see that the bath need to be cleaned or she either depend on me to clean it since she knows that I am more allergic to dirty places than her (perhaps she is disgusting).

This doesn’t just happen to our bathroom, but also to the whole house. Ask her how many times have she sweep or mopped the living hall floor, or the balcony or the kitchen? As far as I know, twice – in two years!

Mama says “sabar je la Bil”. The more I sabar the happier I become, because I do what mama told me!

God, what a selfish freaky I have to share the bathroom with...

I’m counting down to her graduation!

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