Saturday, April 24, 2010

Iota #23 – Award

This post on-call feeling – *a big sigh*

It has been a dramatically hectic week. I've awarded a friend the best actress in this second decade of my life.

Wait, hold on there!

Let me rephrase… I've awarded a so-called friend as the best actress in this second decade of my life. Yeah, she is that good. Not only in acting, but also directing and scriptwriting, I am mesmerized! Her acting is genuinely phony, and her stories come in various versions, even Mark Burnett can't beat that! Furthermore, she is also the best make-up artist for special effect on human expression and artificial props (e.g tears and hugs). If only I could make her walk up the red carpet (I mean, if only I could catch her red handed) and onto the stage, she would steal the magazine highlights and all the limelights! 'WOW!'

Enough of that pants on fire, even dragons can't afford to burn so much fire through their mouths!

It's getting hot hot hot!! Imma taking out my clothes. If only I have a pair of fuming bright red lingerie, I'd put them on. Sexyhh~ (but isn't pink cute??)

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