Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Papa never say no

Sometimes I grow up in shower. Surprisingly, wise thoughts and brilliant ideas come unexpectedly and most of the time I got them during shower.

For the past few months, I always wished for a brand new smaller lappy (that I carry it and run back and forth the hospital and not feel a weight) and the desire thrives as time goes by – especially when I see people with their cute tiny lappies that can be clutched effortlessly under their smelly armpits. While mine, I have to keep it inside the laptop bag which is not smaller than traveling trunks!

What’s more pathetic is that, the battery doesn’t work long anymore. Not even a minute! (I swear this is not an exaggeration!). The fact that this laptop is only working on power plug on make it heat up faster than a toaster, therefore it cannot be called a laptop or my lap will get toasted if I got this so-called thing on my lap, or I’ll be served with my own scrumptious barbequed drumsticks! Okay, this is exaggerating, because even before it can heap up much energy to heat a dinner, it will automatically (without warning) shut itself down. Frustrating uh?

Recently, it gets more pathetic that out of the blue, the audio output is conked out that it doesn’t emit a single sound. After 1 or 2 days later, it failed to detect any wifi connection that the wifi driver suddenly went missing (biol tak biol laptop I ni?), so I had to called out a technician to fix it and pay quite an amount of money (and to reformate it for the i-don’t-know-how-many times).

Helplessly, I complained this to papa. Not only I voiced out my complains, but I also expressed my suppressed wish for a brand new smaller lappy. As usual, as I always expected, papa never no.

At that time, it really knocked me out that I was always right about him – that for whatever we asked him for, he would not say ‘no’. Yes, he did not say the word ‘no’, neither did he say ‘yes’. His favorite answer has always been ‘minggu depan’. But the fact that ‘papa never say no’ is a psychology trick that never fails to make me feel relieved and somehow believed that he eventually will say ‘yes’. Eventually…

His ‘minggu depan’ is always a motivation for me to wake up and wait for the next week and the next week after another, and another, even another and another. Maybe I’ll wait til he finally make that minggu depan comes, or perhaps, ends my hope with a ‘no’but papa never say ‘no’.

I can’t remember exactly his answer and final decision whether if he is getting me a brand new laptop or not. Positively now, I am not getting a new laptop and there is no hint about it. However, I never lost hope in him. Because I know somehow, in someway, by some means, his optimism (by never-say-no) is going to find its way to positivity, even if the answer is no new laptop for me.

But amazingly, after thinking about it, I started to grow a little shrewd, a little bit wiser. I realized that, in this 24 years of breathing through my own nostril, I never, never ever, never once, earn any money by myself for myself (duit raya is an exception). Everything I own, is from someone else’s sweats. The Malaysian citizens’ sweats make my school fees!

Should I still be breathing through my own pair of lungs but devouring on other people money for living, and still ask for more? Huh, Bil?!!!

Now that this laptop is working (yes it is still working) on it’s remaining poise to serve me the ‘best’ to help me endure these lingering years. I need its earnest service for at least another 2 years before I can afford to get a new laptop myself and put this laptop to rest (or to be spanked by my little brother and sisters). Then, I'll hand in my parents towel to wipe their sweats off...

Overall, this laptop is a kaput survivor, and I have to be one! Not an inconsiderable spoilt brad!

I will get something for myself, from myself. Even if it means that I have to save my own money (that I got from my parents’ sweats). Okay, cepat buat tabung, satu hari boleh save seribu rupiah.

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