Friday, April 9, 2010

Within walking distance

It takes exactly 220 steps from my doorstep to the hospital main gate. I’ve always been lucky that I live nearby my work place. Even last time when I was still in campus, it took about 1000 steps to my house (yes, I count footsteps!).

Therefore, I always have time to lunch at home, sleep at home, bathe at home and do everything that people do at home, at home (and not at the workplace). Eventhough I appreciate the effort that the administration have prepared us an ‘exclusive’ place where we can call ‘home’ in the hospital (of which we called ‘kamko’ a.k.a kamar koas), but it is still never the same. Most of the major departments even have prepared us lounges for change, naps and hang around, but… I still prefer to walk extra steps to go back home.

I pay a what you called ridiculous price for our house rent, but I don’t mind paying as long as we get the desirable comfort. So, you have no reason to fumed and annoyed at me when I say ‘I want to go home’ in between working hours, because the steps I take to go back home is almost the same amount as to the cafeteria. Besides, I can get ready faster than those who are at the kamko, because at home I don’t have to queue for shower. No reason for you not allowing me to go back home for shower just because you are jealous that my house is closer to the hospital than yours and that I don’t invite you to come over for shower at my place – you sound rather ridiculous!

Now, since I’m at the Obgyn department (nearer to the gate), I ‘run’ back home more often. Particularly everyday for lunch and solat, every on-calls, and even sometimes when I need to go to the loo! I’m in love with this contentment and never stop counting my blessings every time I get to go home in between the ‘stressful’ time at work, be it just for a nick of minutes!

I wonder how I’d be later after I graduated and start to face the real world. Can I still get to go back home to wind up every now and then? There is no nearby hospital near my house in Subang Jaya that I could reach by foot… nak kerja dekat hospital mana nanti? Shall I rent a house behind the hospital where I’ll be working at later? I want a house exactly in less than 1 km radius from my work place so I can walk to work. I love walking, it’s environmental friendly and good for health! And besides, I don’t have to find parking for my feet, neither do I have to pay for season passes.

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