Friday, April 16, 2010

When the Lele speaks

According to my financial record, the last time I had Nasi Lalapan Lele Penyet was on the 2nd February 2010. That probably was during the time of ancient Lele dynasty!

"I prefer 1 lele than 10 pieces of chicken" – Bil

"Setuju! Setuju!" – Sit.

I was only getting my dinner at the warung, didn't expect any unusual thing to happen! I got the long lost taste of nasi lalapan lele, and with some hot-from-the-deep-fried-wok banana fritters. While I was waiting for my lele, I was approached by this unknown guy, without hello, he asked

"Kuliah ya mbak?"

Oops, terkejut beruk I! but still put on my calm fa├žade and simply replied


Whattha? I talked to stranger! and the conversation took a few more questions, when the ibu lalapan finally speak up and burst out her long due doubt about me…

Ibu lalapan : "Praktek apa di rumah sakit?"

Si Perut Lapar : "Dokter"

Ibu lalapan : "Klau di Malaysia dulu mbak kerjanya apa?"

Si Perut Lapar : "Ga kerja…"

Ibu lalapan tersenyum seribu makna : "Oooh… tak kirain mbaknya pernah jadi selebritis atau model yang foto-foto" (Oooh, I think you were once a celebrity or model) *type sambil rasa geli2 separuh badan*

Si Perut Lapar control nak gelak tertonggeng2 : "Hah? Masa sih buk, terakhir di Malaysia saya sekolah!"

Ibu lalapan : "Ngak, maksudnya loh mbaknya cantik"

Si Perut dah tak lapar berdoa dalam hati "Amin… amin… ya Allah semoga benar kata-kata ibu lalapan ni!".

Hasn't she seen all these stubborn fats hanging around my arms and belly? These pimple scars on my face? These funny set of rabbit teeth? If I were even dream of becoming a model, Tara Banks would LOL and ROFL me in the front page of Oh! while Aoki Lee and Ming Lee would go back to school thinking that this world is so cruel that beautiful people are on extinction that I had to take over. Pfft~

Anyways, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I like the eyes of the ibu lalapan! Few minutes later, my lalapan is ready, I paid her the exact amount of how much my lalapan cost, no tax, no extra tips for the acclamation. Thank you ibu lalap! Your lele rocks!


Anonymous said...

ibu lalap scores! you would definitely eat there again kan ?


Bil said...

mesti la! its right in front of my house. the easiest food access!

Nukilan Orang Buta Hati said...


Bil said...

sure it is!

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