Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tempe buat besok

I have this huge craze for tempe, especially tempe goreng. Since I am on a total day-off today, I decided not to go to the gym (Zhaf decided this for me since last night, since I was not feeling so fit for working out) but to have a quick morning walk to the market instead, oh I actually prefer to call it ‘pasar’.

Last month, when mama was around and we went to the pasar together, I was surprise to know there’s a kind of tempe which is for sale today but to be prepared tomorrow – I called it tempe buat besok. So then we bought a few packets for my 7-month expecting cousin back in Malaysia. Talking about expecting, and wanting to eat tempe that is especially Jawa made, it gives me a big concern… I wonder if I would ever crave for one later when I’m expecting. Adoi, habis la drooling baby I nanti…

And even after almost a month, I was still curious on how the tempe buat besok works. I mean, the process of fermentation from a raw soy beans to an absolute mouth-watering tempe. So, beside of getting the normal tempe, I got a pack of tempe buat besok, just to see how the fermentation process works.

It has to be put in an open air, therefore I put it on our coffee table in front of the TV, so that I can observe the process everytime I came down to the living hall.

Up til now… it doesn’t show any progress (yet).

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