Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear liar,

Liar liar pants on fire,
Hang them up on telephone wire!

Dear you-know-yourself,
I mean no harm, but am I just smart or what?
You got busted!
Not once,
Not twice,
Trice? or maybe 4 times? 5 times? Or all the time when you did 'that'.
Oh God, what are you thinking??!

Like I ever care if you lied to me? Or to us? Or to them? Or even to everyone else.
But just to get to know that those 'stories' were lies are just not good you know...

Let me spell you something that has long been inside your dictionary since ever,
H to the Y to the P to the O to the C to the R to the I to the S to the Y.
What's that spell??
Yeah, that's YOU~ Boo!!

Who cares about you lying anyway?
We definitely don't loss a thing if we were called your lying 'victims' (haha).
Pity those who care and being affected.
Send my regards to your missed most family anyways~
They've got their trust on you (when they got trashed by you...)

Now I got it, why these 6 years were such a mental tortured for you.
Now I understand what those people felt when they live together with you.
And now I know why it's hard for you to call a person a 'friend',
If that's the way you call yourself a friend... you'll never find one.


p/s : nice lingerie! *wiNk*

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