Monday, April 12, 2010

When I miss you...

Unfortunately, there is nothing much I can do to help me relief this huge burden of longing for you…

This is my emancipation – I try to gather various stuffs that bear resemblances of us.

I miss having a quiet time with you, where we both just sit, quietly, looking bluntly where only the horizon meets our eyes, breathing of the same air, thinking of nothing but just to treasure our time of togetherness. Just by knowing that we’re no distance apart, with no words conversed but yet so exhilarating – bliss~

We’re individuals that come as an item. The two white doves resembles our freedom as individual – we fly our own flight but of the exact same destination.

It has always been me and you, the lights are never off. Our background has always been an explicit rainbow in vibrant colors that illustrate our effervescence, and that we are that constantly ostentatious.

The iPhone is part of our lifelines, that’s how we connect best, anywhere, anytime!

The smiley friendster icon just to remind us of what we are – Best friends forever! And that I never fail to fall for your smiles :)

The Nike plus sensor that comes in pair shows that we are long distance gym partners.

The beach – my romantic dream gateway with you.

Since I am never around on your birthday, I got you belated birthday cake.

You are the apple of my eyes.

You are so cute and sweet, you are my cuppy cake.

Our love is growing, and we never stop seeding the love trees.

One morning I woke up, I found there was a bouquet in my room. And that was the first dozen of pink roses I got from you, with my full name printed on the card. You never fail to make my 31st January!

7 – (years) that’s how long this love has grown and still growing and will keep on growing forever – ever after, amiin!

When I miss you, I miss us... :'(

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